Monday, 31 December 2012


Its January tomorrow...where has all the time gone? I had a really great time last week celebrating Christmas with my family and friends, but it was also my 20th birthday too so I was extra busy! I didn't even have time to make one blog post at all, so this is a little late..but nonetheless I received some pretty awesome presents this year :)
A new laptop from my mum! My current laptop is now 4 years old and a little worse for wear, so it was about time to upgrade to this bad boy :D Its a smart little Toshiba with an i7 processor and Windows 8. I have yet to transfer all my documents and stuff onto it however.
Some girly things, including hair products and bathtime soaps and scrubs!
This beautiful hello kitty rice bowl I believe came from the japan centre in London, and its so pretty I'd feel guilty putting it in the dishwasher..
Some amusing cat and food themed presents...two of my favourite things in the whole world :D
My mum got me this beautiful biscuit tin from Rye apparently, knowing that im not really into biscuits but also respecting my love of cats! The tin is so pretty I will definitely keep it forever!
And of course the amazing 'TED' on dvd - I liked this film so much I made sure to go see it twice at the cinema.
Jasmine Moon flavoured tea! Never tried it but its so pretty I am very tempted...
Some more girly things...for bathtimes...
And some vodka!
A bit of Vogue magazine too...might seem like an odd present to some people but these magazines are mildly expensive and my mum understands that I quite like to read fashion mags :'D
A beautiful this :')
And a blue velvet dress...I told my mum I wanted this in an email, its almost identical to a japanese version I've seen for sale on the Dazzlin jp website.
nail varnishes to add to my evergrowing collection....
A really pretty measuring tape!
Mac foundation in NC15! My shade and favourite foundation of all time.
Seeing as its been super rainy lately I also got a nice waterproof, bulky portfolio to keep all my work safe on my commute to and from university.
A lovely black shirt with a nice collar and little metal tips on it! A piece I like to call a staple part of my wardrobe...
more girly soaps :D
and fashion tights!
Some lovely Urban Outfitters jewellery...
 And last but not least - A Street Cat Named Bob! Cannot wait to read this. In 2010 I was queueing up for a concert and this homeless guy wandered over with this ginger cat on his shoulder...and its only in recent months I've come to realise that this is the same guy and his cat! Small world :'D
Anyway thats all for now, I have to get ready for some new years things going on at my house tonight :) Happy new year.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Little Update...

For anyone who is interested in my illustration work for the past and present, you may be aware I have a Facebook Page exclusively for my work. I've been meaning to update it for a couple of months now, but simply havent had the time until today:
However I have found the time to update my page! And I have uploaded lots of new work and albums of projects from the last 3-4 months for viewing.
If you wish to view my page please visit:
I would also appreciate if you like the page :D

Monday, 17 December 2012

December Nails "Christmas Style"

It's 8 days til Christmas (and 10 until my birthday!) so I was feeling a little festive and decided to create some Christmas style nail designs. Obviously I had to go with the red and white colour theme...santa style!
I applied one layer of red onto the nails as a base. I quite like this varnish by itself although I would admit its a bit bright. Shamefully in my head I have nicknamed it 'whore red', mildly inappropriate however.
Once the base was dry I had to begin on the second layer. For this I drew inspiration from nordic Xmas patterns I found on the internet mostly centered around my colour theme and of course reindeers and snowflakes etc.

Some lovely examples :) I then used a white nail art pen to begin my designs..I may have mentioned this in my last nail design post, but they can be a little tricky and take a while to get the hang of it.
My thumbnail! A lovely reindeer.
And then the rest of my nails:
I quite like the final look, they're not perfect and I may redo them in an attempt to straighten up the designs but it makes a difference from plain varnish :D and I feel rather Christmassy now. Enjoy!

Monday, 26 November 2012

David Gentleman

Just a couple of weeks back I was invited to a lecture at my university led by the talented and famous illustrator David Gentleman. For years my university have been trying to get him to do a lecture, which has been really difficult due to his lack of time and busy schedule, but amazingly they managed to convince him to do a lecture. I think most everyday people probably haven't heard of him before, but you will most definitely have seen his work somewhere over the years.
The lecture was held at the Wilson Road building at Camberwell College of Arts on a Wednesday morning, and so many people turned up, including current students, past students and lecturers.
So to begin with he introduced himself as David Gentleman (born 11 March 1930, London). He is an English illustrator and graphic designer whom studied illustration at the Royal College of Art.  He has worked in a wide range of media including watercolour, lithography, wood engraving, and his work itself has ranged from the platform-length murals for Charing Cross underground station in London to postage stamps and logos. His themes too have varied widely, from paintings of landscape and environmental posters for the National Trust to drawings of street life in London and protest placards against the Iraq war. He has written and illustrated many books about countries and cities and has travelled widely throughout Britain, France, Italy and India.
An example of his famous stamp designs- between 1962 and 2000 he designed 103 stamps for the Post Office, making him possibly one of the most well known stamp designers in Britain.
Now I'm sure some of you will remember this...On the eve of the Iraq war in 2003 he offered Stop the War Coalition a poster saying simply ‘No’. This was carried on the biggest protest march in British history. It was the first of many march placards, including ‘No more lies’ and ‘Bliar’. His largest design was an installation in 2007 of 100,000 drops of blood, one for each person already killed in the war. The bloodstains were printed on 1000 sheets of card pegged out in a vast square covering the grass in Parliament Square. And if you don't remember that, then anyone who has been to Charing Cross station in London most definitely will recognise this mural on the underground:
So famous work aside, he talked about his new book 'London, You're Beautiful' which was released in time for the 2012 games in London. Its a really amazing book for anyone who has ever had any connection with London.
Its full of a wide variety of landscapes and buildings of famous areas and also not so famous areas, all drawn rather delicately in fine liners and watercolours.
Even if you don't care about illustration, its extremely beautiful to look at :D
This one below is the Carpet Store that got burnt down in Croydon during the London Riots last year. Apparently David Gentleman drew this on scene, as a life drawing as opposed to from a photograph.
Aswell as buildings and landscapes, he also looks at the locals of London, including its ethnic diversity and multicultural areas.
They're drawn quite quickly, but there is something extremely life-like about them, most probably due to the fact they were drawn from real life.
The Olympic Park was included in the book too (seeing as it was released at the time of the Games itself)
Some really good watercolours of kids...during the lecture he was talking about how he was always worried that he couldn't draw people very well, but in my opinion I think they are some of his strongest pieces of work.
The famous HSBC building! He also mentioned how the slope of the building was an accident in his drawing and he originally planned to throw it away and start again, but decided in the end that he rather liked the 'mistakes'.
Famous Camden, which is where he lives currently, and draws alot of still life from.
Such beautiful illustrations! A big inspiration to my own work and practice, although I will say this is a lecture I really enjoyed and feel pretty lucky to have been there.

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