Friday, 24 February 2012

Illustration BA and Illustration FDA interviews

I had my last two university interviews at camberwell (last ones ever!). Illustration was on thursday at 2pm, and we were led into the department and told to leave our portfolios in a room for the teacher to assess for an hour. We would then come back and that would be interview or anything because they're 'too busy' to interview us all :/ So I literally have no idea whether they liked my portfolio or not. And i probably won't find out for over a week. It can take up to two weeks to reply ! Between interviews/portfolio assessments there was alot of time to waste..and i made sure to document my outfit for that day:
 It was a dark blue velvet dress with a white peter pan collar. Originally from Topshop, i got it for a fraction of the price from Ebay :) I also managed to pick up this rather nice pamphlet they were handing out in Camberwell :
A freshers guide to Camberwell! I think i will be needing this..weird to think I've not had a freshers week yet even though I've been studying at a university since september..I feel like i've missed out D; Inside the leaflet someone had illustrated all the nearby sights of the area :)
 Camberwell is situated in the area of Peckham...mildly scary area. However I've heard from other students its not all that bad, and its only about 2 stops on the train from central london. Which is obviously ideal. There are a few galleries and cafes round and my dad went and sat in one in between interviews...
i love tea :) the gallery/cafe also had a cute mini garden with a naughty squirrel running around which according to the waitress, it lived on cookies, chocolates and muffins from the cafe..

So anyway, the day after my BA illustration 'interview', I had FDA illustration! It as at 10am, bit earlier, and involved a similar process, we basically had to leave all our work with the lecturer who would then assess our work and would then interview a few people he wanted to talk to about their work. I also took a picture of the outfit i wore:
One of my favourite Urban Outfitters dresses :)
During the wait for the interview/portfolio pickup, I managed to look at another nicely illustrated leaflet on camberwell....
Kind of cute :) Well anyway, so I actually got an interview for the FDA! However it wasnt based on whether they actually wanted you for the course or not, they were merely just interested in something you'd done in your portfolio and wanted to ask something etc. Well anyway, that went just fine, but the most terrible thing happened right before the end >.<
Basically, I've been bringing all my portfolio work in a a2 folder, and my sketchbooks in a trolley bag..And i had put my trolley bag onto the table, opened it and was about to put my sketchbooks in there, whilst talking to the lecturer and continuing the interview. However at this moment i saw this big, hairy harry potter style spider crawling on the inside of my trolley bag. I totally felt my insides go ..oh godddd...None the less, i remained totally calm and continued talking in an orderly fashion and continued to put my books away inside this digusting trolley bag..In a way, i wonder if the lecturers SAW this spider, it was so gross. Maybe they were too embarrassed to say anything like i was?? Well i zipped up the trolley bag and left, and basically took it home...opened it up..and the spider was still in there...ohhh D;

Monday, 20 February 2012

Camberwell Drawing BA Interview

I had the first of my three interviews at Camberwell today and it was for BA Drawing. I guess i was a little nervous, as this is the university i want to go to the most, and also the most difficult to get into.

The building is split over two campuses in Peckham (totally rough area), and its just down the road from the another really good university called Goldsmiths.  My dad used to work as a policeman in this part of london, and he specifically told me to not look anyone in the face, and to never walk down any side streets or alleys! Comforting much.
So the interview! We were led into a room, and told to put all our portfolios out, then to leave the room for the teachers to look at our work privately. Then, they put a list up of our names and the times our interviews were. Mine was like an hour later, so we were told we could go off and come back later. In the mean time, i found an interesting local cafe/art gallery called 'HOUSE'. The exhibition was by a girl called Cathy Watkins and it was displayed under 'OK MUMMY'.
Her work featured celebrity culture and media in context, and she drew it all in an illustrative style i really liked.

She seemed to work in paint with a bit of pencil work here and there, but none the less it was very graphically stunning. I would love to one day make some work like this:)
Lots of floral patterns and graphics...i really liked her portraits on the walls, they were of celebrity women all holding their little dogs..
Aside from her illustrations, she also made this awesome sculpture pigs, which i really liked.
These were literally paper mache sculptures, she had some in black and white, and some made of aged paper too. I would've loved to buy one, but they were super expensive (starting at around 200 pounds).. So after this, i went to my interview!
The interview itself was ok. They basically asked you to choose a piece of work and to explain all about it. Then they would question you on why you chose this uni and why you chose that was a little awkward because they knew i had applied for three other courses at that i had to convince them that i was simply applying for three courses i believed illustration could be developed in, as i wanted to be an illustrator as my career path. I also had to keep reminding them that i wasnt all that bothered which of my camberwell courses chose me, i was just keen to get on a course at Camberwell full stop!
Nonetheless, they were very good at not showing their opinions/emotions. Just firing away with questions to make you challenged and to see how you coped under pressure. I did my very best to answer all their questions as enthusiastically as possible and tried to show them i knew what i was talking about etc. It was difficult D; I get to find out in two weeks apparently.
Two more interviews at Camberwell to go this week! Illustration BA on thursday, and Illustration FDA on friday D; im scared.

Friday, 17 February 2012

More interview dates...

Hey again.
I'm going to be mega busy next week, as I'm not only starting the final project at uni as of next week, but also I have 3 confirmed dates for my interviews at Camberwell!
This is the big one guys..its the one i realllyyy want to get into, but also is the most difficult. 700 people to 43 places. THAT difficult :/
I applied for Drawing BA, Illustration BA and Illustration FDA. Hopefully at least one will accept me..drawing and fda illustration give you some sort of interview (after they privately assess your work in a seperate room), however Illustration BA apparently may or may not give you an interview AT ALL, and merely look at your work in a private room...And unfortunately its the latter that i want the most...
Please wish me luck. oh my god.
I'm also in the middle of scanning in all my recent work from the last couple of months projects, however so far i only have 3 online currently...I'll leave you with them :)
This is a skull monoprint I did...its part of a series of skulls..hopefully i will find the time to upload the others...however personally this one is my favourite, i think they're quite cute.
Next is a collage! I've not really posted alot of collages, but i secretly quite like doing them :) I really like layering, and using cardboard aswell, so i combined my drawing of a school girl in seifuku uniform into the Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺, better known as the temple of the golden pavilion in Kyoto. I also had hold of this kinda weird rail pass ticket i had, which i wanted to put to good use. Again, this is part of a series of school girls in seifuku uniform.. i still need to post the rest..
Another part of the seifuki uniform series i made...

Hope you like!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Recent Illustration work

I really need to get into the habit of posting regularly about what i'm making in art..i'm just a little shy about showing people what i make :)
Well at university, we have project briefs which last around 2-3 weeks and we have to make a project depending on the title/ideas on the brief. Our most recent one was called 'Art Cluster', and we had to get into groups and make a collaboration of art exhibition following a style/media/theme that we were all interested in within the group.
We all decided to focus on themes such as 'memories' and 'identity', and for me, i decided from this i wanted to look at my childhood photos and consider drawing from photographs of this time period.
Some of my childhood photos look like this...i was cute and grumpy at the same time >.<
Well this photo was a starting point for my project, I began creating little studies of my photos using fine black liner 0.1mm and colouring pencils, with a little white ink for shine.
I attempted to make myself less messy :3 I made a variety of different adaptations to the above drawing, but i decided to add a rabbit hat i had seen on an artists work i had been looking at (Aya Takano) where she adds cute animals to the female characters in her work...

Recurring theme of yellow stars :) i rather like them. In another drawing of myself as a child i made a little crown out of yellow stars...I then decided to create some cute rabbit characters based on the artist research i had done on Yoko Furosho (an artist who creates similar work to Aya Takano, but creating more monsters and animals in her work).
After I did a few sketches of myself as a child, i decided to draw one of my brother when he was about 3. He was a very cute toddler :). I decided to start experimenting with material, so instead of white paper i used this vintage paper and drew my brother onto tracing paper so the background would come through the image.
The next one i did is my favourite. I used an old package i had from something i had ordered from hongkong, as i really like the aged look to it and the beautiful foreign stamps. I decided to use the tracing paper again for the transparent look, and i drew a picture of me as a baby :) seeing the original photo was kinda weird, i got to see myself with blue eyes before they changed to hazel :)

I did more drawings than this for the project, however i still haven't scanned them in! All of my coursework is currently being assessed, so when i get it back i can scan in the rest x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snow snow ~

So we've had some snow :) it was mildly heavy, but not heavy enough to stop me going to work or uni...Still it was very pretty. I have to walk up the hill in Rochester to get to my university everyday, and when i got to the top (after having to walk in the road to avoid the icey pavement) i took this photo of the view:
Quite dreary isnt it? You can see where Charles Dickens got his inspiration from. In fact, he lived about 2 minutes down the road from where i took this photo in a little house for a few years during his childhood...
Walking up the hill to university with the ICE was LETHAL. I mean the hill is pretty big.. in this photo i took one morning from Rochester station, the uni is the building at the top...
Well, anyway, apart from the snow, for anyone who knows i've been having interviews for studying a degree at uni will know i applied at London Metropolitan University to study Illustration BA. And on Monday i got a letter in the mail -->
YAYY! I got offered a place! So if i dont get into Camberwell, i can study at London metropolitan instead, so i have a nice backup :) Its also much cheaper than any of the other art unis ive looked at. UCA Rochester (where i am currently) want 8.5 thousand for their degrees, Camberwell want 9 thousand LOL whereas London Met only want between 4-6 thousand. Which to me, is not too shabby ;)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

London Metropolitan University Interview

The other day I had my second interview for university. I already had one a couple of weeks ago for CG Arts and Animation BA at UCA Rochester, which i got an offer for, but this one was for Illustration BA at a totally different university. To be honest, UCA is the only university i had ever been to/or been interviewed at, as for my Foundation Diploma in Art i only wanted to study at UCA rochester and no where else...I've grown rather attached to the place ); I only have til may now until i finish my course and leave!

Well anyway I applied to London Metropolitan uni as my backup if i dont make it onto any of the Camberwell London courses I have applied for. Its in the centre of London, which i think is important because its where the majority of the industry is and all the work placements etc. The uni is set over two campuses in the Aldgate East area. The inside of the building is no where near as fancy as UCA, but neither was Camberwell, which is a much better university altogether. However it did have a view of the Gherkin building from the canteen window :)

The interview required you to leave your portfolio/sketchbooks in a room whilst they looked at it, and in a seperate room you had to sit and fill out a questionaire that said things like 'Do you like bjork' and 'what do you think of Nuts magazine'...kind of strange but interesting, you were allowed to be as rude as you liked :) and had to hand it in too!
The other people waiting for interviews didnt have foundation diplomas, only a levels, whereas I have both, so i felt as if i probably stood a good chance of getting accepted due to the fact i probably had twice the volume of work as the others applying for the course.
They then called us in one by one, where the lecturer of Illustration had been looking through your work and had selected a few pieces he wanted to discuss. He had chosen some of my monoprint work, which kind of suprised me because he really seemed to like it better than any of my other work :/ I  had spent so much time doing refined illustrations and he liked my crappy paint stuff better :/ odd. Well he asked me all about my work, and said that he wasnt allowed to say if i had a place, and i had to wait for a letter to arrive in the post with my offer/decline, but hinted that i had a very strong portfolio and that my sketchbooks were i was very happy!
I have to wait up to five days for my letter to arrive, so it should be here by next fingers crossed.

Friday, 3 February 2012

First Post

Hello everyone.
I'm assuming some of you might have followed my tumblr blog, back when i used to actually use it as a blog, however now I've decided i want to use it for picture blogging only. Instead I will blog using blogspot, and i hope you will read :)

Eventually I'm going to get a private domain too, so watch this space <3

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