Monday, 20 February 2012

Camberwell Drawing BA Interview

I had the first of my three interviews at Camberwell today and it was for BA Drawing. I guess i was a little nervous, as this is the university i want to go to the most, and also the most difficult to get into.

The building is split over two campuses in Peckham (totally rough area), and its just down the road from the another really good university called Goldsmiths.  My dad used to work as a policeman in this part of london, and he specifically told me to not look anyone in the face, and to never walk down any side streets or alleys! Comforting much.
So the interview! We were led into a room, and told to put all our portfolios out, then to leave the room for the teachers to look at our work privately. Then, they put a list up of our names and the times our interviews were. Mine was like an hour later, so we were told we could go off and come back later. In the mean time, i found an interesting local cafe/art gallery called 'HOUSE'. The exhibition was by a girl called Cathy Watkins and it was displayed under 'OK MUMMY'.
Her work featured celebrity culture and media in context, and she drew it all in an illustrative style i really liked.

She seemed to work in paint with a bit of pencil work here and there, but none the less it was very graphically stunning. I would love to one day make some work like this:)
Lots of floral patterns and graphics...i really liked her portraits on the walls, they were of celebrity women all holding their little dogs..
Aside from her illustrations, she also made this awesome sculpture pigs, which i really liked.
These were literally paper mache sculptures, she had some in black and white, and some made of aged paper too. I would've loved to buy one, but they were super expensive (starting at around 200 pounds).. So after this, i went to my interview!
The interview itself was ok. They basically asked you to choose a piece of work and to explain all about it. Then they would question you on why you chose this uni and why you chose that was a little awkward because they knew i had applied for three other courses at that i had to convince them that i was simply applying for three courses i believed illustration could be developed in, as i wanted to be an illustrator as my career path. I also had to keep reminding them that i wasnt all that bothered which of my camberwell courses chose me, i was just keen to get on a course at Camberwell full stop!
Nonetheless, they were very good at not showing their opinions/emotions. Just firing away with questions to make you challenged and to see how you coped under pressure. I did my very best to answer all their questions as enthusiastically as possible and tried to show them i knew what i was talking about etc. It was difficult D; I get to find out in two weeks apparently.
Two more interviews at Camberwell to go this week! Illustration BA on thursday, and Illustration FDA on friday D; im scared.


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