Friday, 24 February 2012

Illustration BA and Illustration FDA interviews

I had my last two university interviews at camberwell (last ones ever!). Illustration was on thursday at 2pm, and we were led into the department and told to leave our portfolios in a room for the teacher to assess for an hour. We would then come back and that would be interview or anything because they're 'too busy' to interview us all :/ So I literally have no idea whether they liked my portfolio or not. And i probably won't find out for over a week. It can take up to two weeks to reply ! Between interviews/portfolio assessments there was alot of time to waste..and i made sure to document my outfit for that day:
 It was a dark blue velvet dress with a white peter pan collar. Originally from Topshop, i got it for a fraction of the price from Ebay :) I also managed to pick up this rather nice pamphlet they were handing out in Camberwell :
A freshers guide to Camberwell! I think i will be needing this..weird to think I've not had a freshers week yet even though I've been studying at a university since september..I feel like i've missed out D; Inside the leaflet someone had illustrated all the nearby sights of the area :)
 Camberwell is situated in the area of Peckham...mildly scary area. However I've heard from other students its not all that bad, and its only about 2 stops on the train from central london. Which is obviously ideal. There are a few galleries and cafes round and my dad went and sat in one in between interviews...
i love tea :) the gallery/cafe also had a cute mini garden with a naughty squirrel running around which according to the waitress, it lived on cookies, chocolates and muffins from the cafe..

So anyway, the day after my BA illustration 'interview', I had FDA illustration! It as at 10am, bit earlier, and involved a similar process, we basically had to leave all our work with the lecturer who would then assess our work and would then interview a few people he wanted to talk to about their work. I also took a picture of the outfit i wore:
One of my favourite Urban Outfitters dresses :)
During the wait for the interview/portfolio pickup, I managed to look at another nicely illustrated leaflet on camberwell....
Kind of cute :) Well anyway, so I actually got an interview for the FDA! However it wasnt based on whether they actually wanted you for the course or not, they were merely just interested in something you'd done in your portfolio and wanted to ask something etc. Well anyway, that went just fine, but the most terrible thing happened right before the end >.<
Basically, I've been bringing all my portfolio work in a a2 folder, and my sketchbooks in a trolley bag..And i had put my trolley bag onto the table, opened it and was about to put my sketchbooks in there, whilst talking to the lecturer and continuing the interview. However at this moment i saw this big, hairy harry potter style spider crawling on the inside of my trolley bag. I totally felt my insides go ..oh godddd...None the less, i remained totally calm and continued talking in an orderly fashion and continued to put my books away inside this digusting trolley bag..In a way, i wonder if the lecturers SAW this spider, it was so gross. Maybe they were too embarrassed to say anything like i was?? Well i zipped up the trolley bag and left, and basically took it home...opened it up..and the spider was still in there...ohhh D;


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