Saturday, 4 February 2012

London Metropolitan University Interview

The other day I had my second interview for university. I already had one a couple of weeks ago for CG Arts and Animation BA at UCA Rochester, which i got an offer for, but this one was for Illustration BA at a totally different university. To be honest, UCA is the only university i had ever been to/or been interviewed at, as for my Foundation Diploma in Art i only wanted to study at UCA rochester and no where else...I've grown rather attached to the place ); I only have til may now until i finish my course and leave!

Well anyway I applied to London Metropolitan uni as my backup if i dont make it onto any of the Camberwell London courses I have applied for. Its in the centre of London, which i think is important because its where the majority of the industry is and all the work placements etc. The uni is set over two campuses in the Aldgate East area. The inside of the building is no where near as fancy as UCA, but neither was Camberwell, which is a much better university altogether. However it did have a view of the Gherkin building from the canteen window :)

The interview required you to leave your portfolio/sketchbooks in a room whilst they looked at it, and in a seperate room you had to sit and fill out a questionaire that said things like 'Do you like bjork' and 'what do you think of Nuts magazine'...kind of strange but interesting, you were allowed to be as rude as you liked :) and had to hand it in too!
The other people waiting for interviews didnt have foundation diplomas, only a levels, whereas I have both, so i felt as if i probably stood a good chance of getting accepted due to the fact i probably had twice the volume of work as the others applying for the course.
They then called us in one by one, where the lecturer of Illustration had been looking through your work and had selected a few pieces he wanted to discuss. He had chosen some of my monoprint work, which kind of suprised me because he really seemed to like it better than any of my other work :/ I  had spent so much time doing refined illustrations and he liked my crappy paint stuff better :/ odd. Well he asked me all about my work, and said that he wasnt allowed to say if i had a place, and i had to wait for a letter to arrive in the post with my offer/decline, but hinted that i had a very strong portfolio and that my sketchbooks were i was very happy!
I have to wait up to five days for my letter to arrive, so it should be here by next fingers crossed.


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