Friday, 17 February 2012

More interview dates...

Hey again.
I'm going to be mega busy next week, as I'm not only starting the final project at uni as of next week, but also I have 3 confirmed dates for my interviews at Camberwell!
This is the big one guys..its the one i realllyyy want to get into, but also is the most difficult. 700 people to 43 places. THAT difficult :/
I applied for Drawing BA, Illustration BA and Illustration FDA. Hopefully at least one will accept me..drawing and fda illustration give you some sort of interview (after they privately assess your work in a seperate room), however Illustration BA apparently may or may not give you an interview AT ALL, and merely look at your work in a private room...And unfortunately its the latter that i want the most...
Please wish me luck. oh my god.
I'm also in the middle of scanning in all my recent work from the last couple of months projects, however so far i only have 3 online currently...I'll leave you with them :)
This is a skull monoprint I did...its part of a series of skulls..hopefully i will find the time to upload the others...however personally this one is my favourite, i think they're quite cute.
Next is a collage! I've not really posted alot of collages, but i secretly quite like doing them :) I really like layering, and using cardboard aswell, so i combined my drawing of a school girl in seifuku uniform into the Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺, better known as the temple of the golden pavilion in Kyoto. I also had hold of this kinda weird rail pass ticket i had, which i wanted to put to good use. Again, this is part of a series of school girls in seifuku uniform.. i still need to post the rest..
Another part of the seifuki uniform series i made...

Hope you like!


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