Friday, 10 February 2012

Recent Illustration work

I really need to get into the habit of posting regularly about what i'm making in art..i'm just a little shy about showing people what i make :)
Well at university, we have project briefs which last around 2-3 weeks and we have to make a project depending on the title/ideas on the brief. Our most recent one was called 'Art Cluster', and we had to get into groups and make a collaboration of art exhibition following a style/media/theme that we were all interested in within the group.
We all decided to focus on themes such as 'memories' and 'identity', and for me, i decided from this i wanted to look at my childhood photos and consider drawing from photographs of this time period.
Some of my childhood photos look like this...i was cute and grumpy at the same time >.<
Well this photo was a starting point for my project, I began creating little studies of my photos using fine black liner 0.1mm and colouring pencils, with a little white ink for shine.
I attempted to make myself less messy :3 I made a variety of different adaptations to the above drawing, but i decided to add a rabbit hat i had seen on an artists work i had been looking at (Aya Takano) where she adds cute animals to the female characters in her work...

Recurring theme of yellow stars :) i rather like them. In another drawing of myself as a child i made a little crown out of yellow stars...I then decided to create some cute rabbit characters based on the artist research i had done on Yoko Furosho (an artist who creates similar work to Aya Takano, but creating more monsters and animals in her work).
After I did a few sketches of myself as a child, i decided to draw one of my brother when he was about 3. He was a very cute toddler :). I decided to start experimenting with material, so instead of white paper i used this vintage paper and drew my brother onto tracing paper so the background would come through the image.
The next one i did is my favourite. I used an old package i had from something i had ordered from hongkong, as i really like the aged look to it and the beautiful foreign stamps. I decided to use the tracing paper again for the transparent look, and i drew a picture of me as a baby :) seeing the original photo was kinda weird, i got to see myself with blue eyes before they changed to hazel :)

I did more drawings than this for the project, however i still haven't scanned them in! All of my coursework is currently being assessed, so when i get it back i can scan in the rest x


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