Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snow snow ~

So we've had some snow :) it was mildly heavy, but not heavy enough to stop me going to work or uni...Still it was very pretty. I have to walk up the hill in Rochester to get to my university everyday, and when i got to the top (after having to walk in the road to avoid the icey pavement) i took this photo of the view:
Quite dreary isnt it? You can see where Charles Dickens got his inspiration from. In fact, he lived about 2 minutes down the road from where i took this photo in a little house for a few years during his childhood...
Walking up the hill to university with the ICE was LETHAL. I mean the hill is pretty big.. in this photo i took one morning from Rochester station, the uni is the building at the top...
Well, anyway, apart from the snow, for anyone who knows i've been having interviews for studying a degree at uni will know i applied at London Metropolitan University to study Illustration BA. And on Monday i got a letter in the mail -->
YAYY! I got offered a place! So if i dont get into Camberwell, i can study at London metropolitan instead, so i have a nice backup :) Its also much cheaper than any of the other art unis ive looked at. UCA Rochester (where i am currently) want 8.5 thousand for their degrees, Camberwell want 9 thousand LOL whereas London Met only want between 4-6 thousand. Which to me, is not too shabby ;)


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