Thursday, 29 March 2012


Hello again
I said I'd get back to you once i got all my university offers back, so here I am. Today has been kinda weird for me! Well i checked my emails about noon at university, just to see if I had any replies. And I did.

So let me remind you of the situation - i want to do illustration at Camberwell, which is better known as University of the Arts London. I applied for FDA illustration, BA illustration and BA Drawing. BA illustration was my first choice, then BA drawing, then FDA illustration. And this is what i got :
Basically. I got into Camberwell for illustration.
BUT -  !!!
For FDA illustration. And it was unconditional. But that didnt matter. Because i was SO unbelievably upset i got rejected from BA illustration.

Lets be honest here - i did a double take when i saw the results on the screen! I sat there and thought about it for a while, deciding how i was going to react. I seem to have a tendency to react very badly to things, usually quite explosively.. :s however i decided i wanted to be an adult about these things.
So I went back upstairs and decided to find my friend Louise from the visual communication class, who had also applied for BA illustration, and found out she also didn't get a place. I asked her if she knew anyone who had got a place on the course, and it would seem that everyone got rejected that she knew i went back to my class in fine art and found my friend who I had gone to the BA illustration interview with..and she also had been rejected. She told me that everyone she knew had - you guessed it - been rejected. There wasn't a single person in the uni who seems to have been accepted at all. And on top of that, it seemed me and a girl called Clara were the only people who had made it onto FDA illustration :/

So during this time, i went and sat down at my desk and cried for a little while as quietly and as discretely as i possibly could LOL..then I went home at lunchtime, because I just needed fresh air and some space, and a little time to think. Again, i cried a bit on the train in front of an old man who had sat opposite me, this was so embarrassing, it wasnt like weird hysterics or anything like that, but i could feel little tears dripping down my face :( 

I then went home and my mum came home from work a little later, and i more or less burst into tears :( My mum convinced me that FDA illustration was fine :( but i still was unhappy. I'd done all this work just to get onto the BA illustration, and i felt so deflated..

Well after lots of thinking I've decided I will be taking up the offer for FDA illustration, and at the end of it, i can graduate to year 3 of BA illustration, gaining both an FDA and a BA qualification. I just hope it works out! At least i got into Camberwell at all D;

On a lighter note - my university have released the second edition to our showcase magazine called Glue. Its a free magazine which students can submit their work and contribution to - i have yet to convince them to publish any of my work however!!
 It's quite a nice read, lots of colourful pictures of other peoples work from degree level aswell as foundation and extended diploma...
 Its work submitted from across all the campuses which includes Farnham, Maidstone, Canterbury, Rochester etc...
 Ohhh and if you look in the back there is a page thanking people for their submissions, contributions and all that jazz...
 OH look!!! My namee!!! :P

see you :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Experimental stuff

I was increasingly bored this week at university, being just a week away from our Easter Holiday, and the teachers have been severely moaning at the whole class that we 'dont have long left and need to make more work' and all that jazz... Well on Friday I was mega bored and began drawing from a baby photo of me using pencil....
I deliberately left out the eye detail because i thought it looked quite strange :) I've used this photo of me as a baby for alot of my recent work involving illustration and envelopes, so this is the first time i sort of just drew it onto paper. I then decided I would experiment with this image, so I photocopied it a few times and fiddled about with it..
Not sure I really liked any of these... :/ So i had a look through my collection of interesting images/papers/scrap etc, which i normally save for collages. I didn't find anything I liked in there particuarly, I had loads of flower cutouts from the Metro newspaper, but again it just wasn't right. Then i remembered I had a fashion newspaper from Urban Outfitters still in my bag which I'd had delivered in the post the other day...and the images in there were quite interesting, I wasn't interested in the fashion photos as such but I really liked the backdrops from what appeared to be california.
So I cut out my favourite parts of the newspaper, which mostly included the backgrounds. I then drew the image of the baby (me!) onto clear plastic, and went upstairs to the photocopier. I then laid the transparent image of the baby onto the parts of the newspaper I liked, and colour photocopied it a bunch of times to get these results:
I had rather alot of fun doing this, and I quite like the finished effect! The real images are much stronger in colour, unfortunately my phone camera doesn't pick up the vibrancy..but I'm mildly happy with the result. At least now I have increased my work load D;

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"Imagine Finding Me" Work

I was hoping to get my offers/rejections back from Camberwell by now so I could write a post about it, however after many weeks and emails back and forth apparently they're really struggling to sort out the responses to their applicants, and I won't find out if I have an offer or not til Friday 30th March. Bit cheeky but hey - i DID get one result back from the three degrees at Camberwell I applied for!! I got an unconditional offer for Illustration FDA!! Now just to wait for the replies to BA Illustration and Ba Drawing...
In the mean time I'm going to tell you about the work I've been doing for my Final Major Project at university which is called "Imagine Finding Me". The project was written by me, and considers my childhood memories contrasting against my present day memories and thoughts as an adult. The title "Imagine Finding Me" came from the artist I have studied for this project called Chino Otsuka who wrote an art book with the same name and a similar context too :)

I've been working with alot of acrylic paint - the above image is the selection of colours I use to create skin tone :) You might notice a green acrylic up there, believe it or not but green is really important for creating skin tone!
At the moment, I chose a selection of photographs of my childhood memories, mostly featuring my brother and me, and I have been painting them/drawing them onto envelopes. The reason I chose to do this on envelopes is I have been hoarding items that have relevance to me - tickets, paper tea cups from cafes, newspapers etc - and I will be using them as surfaces within my project. The idea is to draw attention to objects I have come into contact with and have touched.
Anyway, i decided to do a painting from a photo of my brother Jacob. I chose a nice white packaged envelope to do it on too. First of all I outlined the image in pencil, before going over it in a solid, base colour of paint.

I then begin layering up the colour to create shadows and darker skin tones first, before adding the paler hues of the skin tone later. See how it creates a nice field of depth to the skin, rather than the original flat image.

After manyyy layers of colour and refining, you end up with the final image! Its a little darker and heavier in shadows on the skin in real life, however my camera didnt seem to pick up on it all that well second time round...none the less i quite like it.
Another acrylic painting! This is another one i am particuarly fond of - its me as a baby :) It was originally done on a seperate bit of paper then stuck over the top of the envelope, however the paper i used seem to fold and bend when in contact with this is when i decided to paint directly onto the envelopes...
Another painting....again of me but as a toddler this time! I didnt have much hair til i was about 3 years old... I really like this piece mostly for its composition..I like the way the  royal mail stamp sits on the envelope just perfectly at an angle i like :) aswell as the little sticker across the middle that overlaps my painting.
This is me again, but this time old enough to actually have a head of hair! I was pleased with the painting enough to compare it to the original photo.
This image however is not of me, but is a fond childhood memory of mine. I took part in a ballet show when i was a little girl, and there was a really cute team of little girls who were dressed up as ladybugs, and its always stuck in my memory... it was rather fun to draw too. This one was just a nice simple one, hardly any acrylic was used, it was mostly a fine liner piece..
This is the only non envelope painting/drawing that i like so far. I've done a couple of sketchy collagey type works to support any experimentation marks i will get in the assessment, but this is the only one i kinda liked. It was created on graph paper, using pencil to illustrate the title in the background. Below it i have used photocopies of my childhood photos of me as a bridesmaid with my friend Claire, alongside a photo of me with my brother. Across the bridesmaid dress I have stuck one of those material labels that my mum would sew into my school uniform as a child - this is the name i had when my dad lived with us "Sargant" - but now i carry my mum's name "du Rocher".

Anyhow - hope you like!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Commission work for fashion degree students

Hello again! Just a little post i was meant to make ages ago, but still thought it was worthy of a nice blog post :) Back in the autumn/winter, one of my lecturers approached me as he had some Fashion degree students looking for an illustrator to create illustrations to go alongside their fashion final pieces/display. I was kinda nervous about this, but i thought it was a good idea, I've not really done any commission work or made anything for anyone else before (however I'm going to start doing this at the end of May!). Well I went ahead and made the final images, but the reason I remembered to post about this, is at university i was walking through the Zandra Rhodes gallery, which is a little mini gallery room in the middle of our uni, and i noticed the fashion students I'd worked with had put all their fashion photoshoots on display, and I recognised their work!
"Our photoshoot was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film, The  Birds. Using the fetish theme of the season as a theme we took influences from Alexander Mcqueen's Autumn Winter 2010/2011 collection. The show to us translated into a struggle between good and evil (black and white). Beautiful flowing dresses restrained by buckled harnesses lead to the narrative of the shoot, which reveals and struggling transformation". - Thomas Ramshaw and Amy Warner.
As you can see their concept was very moody and gothic. The costume itself was like a big crow inspired dress, and they told me the concept was to follow an idea that the model was transforming from good to evil, a bit like the ballerina in Black Swan.
Sorry the images aren't better quality, it was a bit awkward taking photos on my mobile phone in the gallery, i got a few weird looks and it was kind of dark in there too hence the poor lighting >.<
Well anyway they asked me to create a fusion of scratchy rough drawing combined with detailed illustration style, and they sent me a few images of crows they wanted me to draw. The images were to be of threatening, gothic looking crows, and the images would be used as inspiration for their fashion concept and would be used alongside the final piece in their coursework. After a few attempts and contacts through emails, i came up with the following images for them to use:

I used a combination of black fine liners, watercolour and felt pens to create these. There is another version of the main black crow looking slightly aggressive in stance in front of a moon, but im not overkeen on it myself! Well anyway, hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rob Ryan

Another artist I have been very interested in for the last 6 months or so is Rob Ryan. He is a middle aged guy with a beard and glasses, who makes rather feminine, enchanting illustrations. He  has a BA in fine art, and also an MA in Printmaking from the royal college of art. His style is considered to be 'romantic' and 'directly appealing', having clients such as Elle, Vogue, Liberty's of london, Mcdonald's Restaurants and Carol Ann Duffy.
This is one of a few books of his we have in our library at university. It kind of looks like a cutesy child's storybook from the outside doesn't it?
His work kind of looks drawn...however it is not :) the above images demonstrate how his work is usually made. He uses a scalpel and paper to cut out very intricate, detailed designs, and then sprays over the top to outline the pattern/image.

Extremely stunning and detailed...i really like how he creates hundreds of tiny stars or flowers...
His work isn't always exclusively black and white either...he tends to use limited use of colour but i particularly like the orange and black one, it reminds me of halloween :)

Some of his work isn't always on paper either....some of it goes onto wood, like these wooden keys..
 And some of his art is used as window illustrations. The following image looks as if it's out there in the forest, but its simply stuck on a window, and is part of a display that reads 'you can still do a lot with a small brain' - which is the name of the book i scanned these images from.

Yet another amazing illustrator D; i would love to be able to create work as good as this, and again this is another type of art i'm going to try to replicate for my final project...however i have a feeling my attempts will be a total fail -_-
When my visual communication teacher was telling me about Rob Ryan, he happened to mention how he has apparently 'sold out' and has an art shop in London, where you can buy all the products his art has been used for, which apparently includes bags, cards, tshirts etc. I'm definitely going to go check this out sometime :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Chino Otsuka

During my final project I am currently doing at university, I have been looking in the library here for art books that I can gain inspiration and research from. We have a really nice library here full of loads of fancy art books and magazines, some of them are really nice to look at ~
One i really liked was by the photographer and artist Chino Otsuka, and the book was called 'imagine finding me'.

I chose to look at this book originally as i was looking for a japanese culturally-influenced book on photography, as much of my work had been influenced by foreign culture. However I managed to get a really good deal here, as not only the book was about Chino Otsuka's travels abroad between england and japan, but it was also about her childhood too, which again is another really important aspect in my recent art work.
The wonderful thing about the set of photos within the book, is they appear to be more than what you first see. I orginally just thought the book was a collection of photos of a mother and daughter, however when i actually noticed the date/location next to the image (1982 and 2005, Paris France) I realised that these were original photos of Chino Otsuka's childhood in these locations, and the woman standing next to the girl was also Chino Otsuka in present day, hence the two dates.
This one is of her in tokyo, at what i think is maybe the old shinkasen railway...
And in kimono...
I really like these can barely even tell that they're two images manipulated together. I literally had no idea it was the same girl in the image, but with a time difference. Very interesting :) This is an artist i definitely want to consider when making my own photography for my final project, I may even have a go at this concept myself :)


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