Friday, 2 March 2012

Chino Otsuka

During my final project I am currently doing at university, I have been looking in the library here for art books that I can gain inspiration and research from. We have a really nice library here full of loads of fancy art books and magazines, some of them are really nice to look at ~
One i really liked was by the photographer and artist Chino Otsuka, and the book was called 'imagine finding me'.

I chose to look at this book originally as i was looking for a japanese culturally-influenced book on photography, as much of my work had been influenced by foreign culture. However I managed to get a really good deal here, as not only the book was about Chino Otsuka's travels abroad between england and japan, but it was also about her childhood too, which again is another really important aspect in my recent art work.
The wonderful thing about the set of photos within the book, is they appear to be more than what you first see. I orginally just thought the book was a collection of photos of a mother and daughter, however when i actually noticed the date/location next to the image (1982 and 2005, Paris France) I realised that these were original photos of Chino Otsuka's childhood in these locations, and the woman standing next to the girl was also Chino Otsuka in present day, hence the two dates.
This one is of her in tokyo, at what i think is maybe the old shinkasen railway...
And in kimono...
I really like these can barely even tell that they're two images manipulated together. I literally had no idea it was the same girl in the image, but with a time difference. Very interesting :) This is an artist i definitely want to consider when making my own photography for my final project, I may even have a go at this concept myself :)


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