Sunday, 18 March 2012

Commission work for fashion degree students

Hello again! Just a little post i was meant to make ages ago, but still thought it was worthy of a nice blog post :) Back in the autumn/winter, one of my lecturers approached me as he had some Fashion degree students looking for an illustrator to create illustrations to go alongside their fashion final pieces/display. I was kinda nervous about this, but i thought it was a good idea, I've not really done any commission work or made anything for anyone else before (however I'm going to start doing this at the end of May!). Well I went ahead and made the final images, but the reason I remembered to post about this, is at university i was walking through the Zandra Rhodes gallery, which is a little mini gallery room in the middle of our uni, and i noticed the fashion students I'd worked with had put all their fashion photoshoots on display, and I recognised their work!
"Our photoshoot was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film, The  Birds. Using the fetish theme of the season as a theme we took influences from Alexander Mcqueen's Autumn Winter 2010/2011 collection. The show to us translated into a struggle between good and evil (black and white). Beautiful flowing dresses restrained by buckled harnesses lead to the narrative of the shoot, which reveals and struggling transformation". - Thomas Ramshaw and Amy Warner.
As you can see their concept was very moody and gothic. The costume itself was like a big crow inspired dress, and they told me the concept was to follow an idea that the model was transforming from good to evil, a bit like the ballerina in Black Swan.
Sorry the images aren't better quality, it was a bit awkward taking photos on my mobile phone in the gallery, i got a few weird looks and it was kind of dark in there too hence the poor lighting >.<
Well anyway they asked me to create a fusion of scratchy rough drawing combined with detailed illustration style, and they sent me a few images of crows they wanted me to draw. The images were to be of threatening, gothic looking crows, and the images would be used as inspiration for their fashion concept and would be used alongside the final piece in their coursework. After a few attempts and contacts through emails, i came up with the following images for them to use:

I used a combination of black fine liners, watercolour and felt pens to create these. There is another version of the main black crow looking slightly aggressive in stance in front of a moon, but im not overkeen on it myself! Well anyway, hope you enjoy :)


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