Thursday, 29 March 2012


Hello again
I said I'd get back to you once i got all my university offers back, so here I am. Today has been kinda weird for me! Well i checked my emails about noon at university, just to see if I had any replies. And I did.

So let me remind you of the situation - i want to do illustration at Camberwell, which is better known as University of the Arts London. I applied for FDA illustration, BA illustration and BA Drawing. BA illustration was my first choice, then BA drawing, then FDA illustration. And this is what i got :
Basically. I got into Camberwell for illustration.
BUT -  !!!
For FDA illustration. And it was unconditional. But that didnt matter. Because i was SO unbelievably upset i got rejected from BA illustration.

Lets be honest here - i did a double take when i saw the results on the screen! I sat there and thought about it for a while, deciding how i was going to react. I seem to have a tendency to react very badly to things, usually quite explosively.. :s however i decided i wanted to be an adult about these things.
So I went back upstairs and decided to find my friend Louise from the visual communication class, who had also applied for BA illustration, and found out she also didn't get a place. I asked her if she knew anyone who had got a place on the course, and it would seem that everyone got rejected that she knew i went back to my class in fine art and found my friend who I had gone to the BA illustration interview with..and she also had been rejected. She told me that everyone she knew had - you guessed it - been rejected. There wasn't a single person in the uni who seems to have been accepted at all. And on top of that, it seemed me and a girl called Clara were the only people who had made it onto FDA illustration :/

So during this time, i went and sat down at my desk and cried for a little while as quietly and as discretely as i possibly could LOL..then I went home at lunchtime, because I just needed fresh air and some space, and a little time to think. Again, i cried a bit on the train in front of an old man who had sat opposite me, this was so embarrassing, it wasnt like weird hysterics or anything like that, but i could feel little tears dripping down my face :( 

I then went home and my mum came home from work a little later, and i more or less burst into tears :( My mum convinced me that FDA illustration was fine :( but i still was unhappy. I'd done all this work just to get onto the BA illustration, and i felt so deflated..

Well after lots of thinking I've decided I will be taking up the offer for FDA illustration, and at the end of it, i can graduate to year 3 of BA illustration, gaining both an FDA and a BA qualification. I just hope it works out! At least i got into Camberwell at all D;

On a lighter note - my university have released the second edition to our showcase magazine called Glue. Its a free magazine which students can submit their work and contribution to - i have yet to convince them to publish any of my work however!!
 It's quite a nice read, lots of colourful pictures of other peoples work from degree level aswell as foundation and extended diploma...
 Its work submitted from across all the campuses which includes Farnham, Maidstone, Canterbury, Rochester etc...
 Ohhh and if you look in the back there is a page thanking people for their submissions, contributions and all that jazz...
 OH look!!! My namee!!! :P

see you :)


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