Saturday, 24 March 2012

Experimental stuff

I was increasingly bored this week at university, being just a week away from our Easter Holiday, and the teachers have been severely moaning at the whole class that we 'dont have long left and need to make more work' and all that jazz... Well on Friday I was mega bored and began drawing from a baby photo of me using pencil....
I deliberately left out the eye detail because i thought it looked quite strange :) I've used this photo of me as a baby for alot of my recent work involving illustration and envelopes, so this is the first time i sort of just drew it onto paper. I then decided I would experiment with this image, so I photocopied it a few times and fiddled about with it..
Not sure I really liked any of these... :/ So i had a look through my collection of interesting images/papers/scrap etc, which i normally save for collages. I didn't find anything I liked in there particuarly, I had loads of flower cutouts from the Metro newspaper, but again it just wasn't right. Then i remembered I had a fashion newspaper from Urban Outfitters still in my bag which I'd had delivered in the post the other day...and the images in there were quite interesting, I wasn't interested in the fashion photos as such but I really liked the backdrops from what appeared to be california.
So I cut out my favourite parts of the newspaper, which mostly included the backgrounds. I then drew the image of the baby (me!) onto clear plastic, and went upstairs to the photocopier. I then laid the transparent image of the baby onto the parts of the newspaper I liked, and colour photocopied it a bunch of times to get these results:
I had rather alot of fun doing this, and I quite like the finished effect! The real images are much stronger in colour, unfortunately my phone camera doesn't pick up the vibrancy..but I'm mildly happy with the result. At least now I have increased my work load D;


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