Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"Imagine Finding Me" Work

I was hoping to get my offers/rejections back from Camberwell by now so I could write a post about it, however after many weeks and emails back and forth apparently they're really struggling to sort out the responses to their applicants, and I won't find out if I have an offer or not til Friday 30th March. Bit cheeky but hey - i DID get one result back from the three degrees at Camberwell I applied for!! I got an unconditional offer for Illustration FDA!! Now just to wait for the replies to BA Illustration and Ba Drawing...
In the mean time I'm going to tell you about the work I've been doing for my Final Major Project at university which is called "Imagine Finding Me". The project was written by me, and considers my childhood memories contrasting against my present day memories and thoughts as an adult. The title "Imagine Finding Me" came from the artist I have studied for this project called Chino Otsuka who wrote an art book with the same name and a similar context too :)

I've been working with alot of acrylic paint - the above image is the selection of colours I use to create skin tone :) You might notice a green acrylic up there, believe it or not but green is really important for creating skin tone!
At the moment, I chose a selection of photographs of my childhood memories, mostly featuring my brother and me, and I have been painting them/drawing them onto envelopes. The reason I chose to do this on envelopes is I have been hoarding items that have relevance to me - tickets, paper tea cups from cafes, newspapers etc - and I will be using them as surfaces within my project. The idea is to draw attention to objects I have come into contact with and have touched.
Anyway, i decided to do a painting from a photo of my brother Jacob. I chose a nice white packaged envelope to do it on too. First of all I outlined the image in pencil, before going over it in a solid, base colour of paint.

I then begin layering up the colour to create shadows and darker skin tones first, before adding the paler hues of the skin tone later. See how it creates a nice field of depth to the skin, rather than the original flat image.

After manyyy layers of colour and refining, you end up with the final image! Its a little darker and heavier in shadows on the skin in real life, however my camera didnt seem to pick up on it all that well second time round...none the less i quite like it.
Another acrylic painting! This is another one i am particuarly fond of - its me as a baby :) It was originally done on a seperate bit of paper then stuck over the top of the envelope, however the paper i used seem to fold and bend when in contact with water...so this is when i decided to paint directly onto the envelopes...
Another painting....again of me but as a toddler this time! I didnt have much hair til i was about 3 years old... I really like this piece mostly for its composition..I like the way the  royal mail stamp sits on the envelope just perfectly at an angle i like :) aswell as the little sticker across the middle that overlaps my painting.
This is me again, but this time old enough to actually have a head of hair! I was pleased with the painting enough to compare it to the original photo.
This image however is not of me, but is a fond childhood memory of mine. I took part in a ballet show when i was a little girl, and there was a really cute team of little girls who were dressed up as ladybugs, and its always stuck in my memory... it was rather fun to draw too. This one was just a nice simple one, hardly any acrylic was used, it was mostly a fine liner piece..
This is the only non envelope painting/drawing that i like so far. I've done a couple of sketchy collagey type works to support any experimentation marks i will get in the assessment, but this is the only one i kinda liked. It was created on graph paper, using pencil to illustrate the title in the background. Below it i have used photocopies of my childhood photos of me as a bridesmaid with my friend Claire, alongside a photo of me with my brother. Across the bridesmaid dress I have stuck one of those material labels that my mum would sew into my school uniform as a child - this is the name i had when my dad lived with us "Sargant" - but now i carry my mum's name "du Rocher".

Anyhow - hope you like!


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