Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rob Ryan

Another artist I have been very interested in for the last 6 months or so is Rob Ryan. He is a middle aged guy with a beard and glasses, who makes rather feminine, enchanting illustrations. He  has a BA in fine art, and also an MA in Printmaking from the royal college of art. His style is considered to be 'romantic' and 'directly appealing', having clients such as Elle, Vogue, Liberty's of london, Mcdonald's Restaurants and Carol Ann Duffy.
This is one of a few books of his we have in our library at university. It kind of looks like a cutesy child's storybook from the outside doesn't it?
His work kind of looks drawn...however it is not :) the above images demonstrate how his work is usually made. He uses a scalpel and paper to cut out very intricate, detailed designs, and then sprays over the top to outline the pattern/image.

Extremely stunning and detailed...i really like how he creates hundreds of tiny stars or flowers...
His work isn't always exclusively black and white either...he tends to use limited use of colour but i particularly like the orange and black one, it reminds me of halloween :)

Some of his work isn't always on paper either....some of it goes onto wood, like these wooden keys..
 And some of his art is used as window illustrations. The following image looks as if it's out there in the forest, but its simply stuck on a window, and is part of a display that reads 'you can still do a lot with a small brain' - which is the name of the book i scanned these images from.

Yet another amazing illustrator D; i would love to be able to create work as good as this, and again this is another type of art i'm going to try to replicate for my final project...however i have a feeling my attempts will be a total fail -_-
When my visual communication teacher was telling me about Rob Ryan, he happened to mention how he has apparently 'sold out' and has an art shop in London, where you can buy all the products his art has been used for, which apparently includes bags, cards, tshirts etc. I'm definitely going to go check this out sometime :)


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