Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Present from Sakura Nakagawa

On Monday afternoon I received a notification that a package had been delivered to my house, and I had been at uni. So the next day me and my mum went to the post office to pick up the package. I literally had no idea what the package was, until the lady at the office handed it to me and i recognised Japanese characters printed all over it.

It was a package from Hiroshima, Japan, and more specifically from my friend Sakura Nakagawa! I haven't seen her since March 2011, when she and a group of girls from Suzugamine High School came to stay as part of my sixth forms exchange program with a Japanese school.
Sakura is the one on the right..she is so cuteee! I miss her so much (^U^)
When I opened the package it was full of awesome cute gifts, including some of my favourite Japanese sweets - Ghana are amazing chocolates, I've had to limit myself to 1 piece a day!
And a Rilakkuma phone charm, because she remembered that i love Rilakkuma merchandise :)
And she included W<3C socks too, another brand Sakura remembered I liked, and a brand she also likes :) I was very happy about these <3
I think probably the cutest part of the entire package was this little collage-esque letter that came with it. It was nice and sturdy, so you could display it somewhere, which i have done, its currently on a shelf in my room.
Here is a picture of me, my brother, my mum, my stepdad and my exchange students Yuki and also Sakura herself outside my former school. Can't believe this was over a year ago now...i look so different with my old blonde hair!
So when you open up the letter there was a really adoreable collage of photos of Sakura and Yuki on their exchange trip to London and during their stay with me and my family! So cute i felt all warm inside...
And a lovely little note in the middle ...
A photo of me and Sakura!

I miss Sakura so much, and also my other student Yuki too, although i don't hear from her as much as Sakura.. I really hope that when i get the chance to go back to Japan i will get to see them and the rest of the students from Suzugamine.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Bedroom

Hello again :) The last 4 weeks, I've been having my bedroom redecorated and I've also been documenting the process each week too. It took ages as the decorator basically works for my mums business too, so aswell as decorating my room he was also doing decorating for my mums offices at the same time! Was a little frustrating - everything in my bedroom had to be dismantled and put in the garage, except for bare essentials and my mattress. During the first week, they were mainly stripping the wallpaper...and i was on a mattress in the corner of the room for a week D; -->
Horrible indeed! I mentioned this on my facebook, but my room seems to suffer with condensation and humidity which caused a big mould patch to grow in this corner:
However the wallpaper was removed along with the ceiling wallpaper too. It was the original wallpaper that had been in the room for approximately 20 or more years, and APPARENTLY had asbestos in it :/ i was NOT happy about this, but just so glad to be rid of it. The decorators said it was very small ammounts, so not really harmful to anyone living in the room or anything like that, but still gross. So they decided to paste over the ceiling to smooth out the original bumpy texture (and the asbestos)
They then wallpapered over the walls, and painted them in the baby pink colour I had chosen. Originally it had been more or less the same shade of pink, but the wallpapers were disgusting and starting to peel off :( So a nice fresh set of wallpaper <3
Then the ceiling was painted in white! Along with the radiator too. By this point, i was downstairs on a mattress in the living room for 3 weeks D;
Then the bit i was most looking forward to, was having the old carpet removed. It was a really grotty blue carpet, which i'd had since i was a little girl and i'd insisted on having a Little Mermaid themed bedroom >.< However it was filthy and old, had lots of ink stains, hair dye stains, cat wee :( etc all over it. So it was wonderful to finally get rid of it.
We ordered a nice medium pink carpet to replace the old blue one. It looked lovely when it was put in ! My mum wasnt too sure about it at first, but once it was put in she decided it really suited the room, and the the colour shades add a really warm, positive glow to the room, which was great as the room is quite shadowy anyway!
 Now this is the bit i was dreading/wanting the most. Obviously i wanted to get back into my room as i was fed up of living in the living room, but at the same time, i had so much stuff to put back into my room >.< back-breaking much... Well eventually we did it. Took about 3 hours to get everything put back together but here it is:
Nyaa pretty :) I'm so pleased with it. I've been waiting ages for my new carpet and wallpaper, about a year in fact..last year however i got a new bed and tv which was nice :)
My room is almost complete, however the following things still need to be done:
  • get a big wall mirror
  •  get a new bin
  • have a big tidy out over summer
anyway hope you like it ^^

Monday, 16 April 2012

Day in Brighton

Just a mini post (to pass the time between here and next time) about my trip to Brighton with my brother Jacob and his friend Rebekah :)
I may not be able to post as much for the next three weeks or so as my final major project is due in in 2 and a half weeks, and i have an exhibition to prepare for as part of my graduation from UCA... Can't believe my time at UCA is almost over - and in september i start at Camberwell! Time has gone so quick I almost can't believe it really... well anyway, on with the post :)
It was a really nice day as you can see from my photo of the pier! Theres an awesome arcade in there too, with DDR, Hello Kitty themed UFO grabber machines etc. I really love DDR, especially DDR Supernova, and I've missed playing it as they shut down the arcade at Trocodero where I used to play it....
my brother and Rebekah :)
There are so many shops in Brighton, I think its possibly one of my favourite places to spend money as it has everything from vintage style shops, independent shops, artsy shops, galleries, pizzerias, and also typical high street shops too. The shop in the photo above was painted with Alice in Wonderland illustrations and inside it sold exclusively Alice in Wonderland themed merchandise ..
We also decided to go to Pizza Express whilst we were there - my favourite restaurant EVER. And of course i ordered my favourite pizza (quattro formaggi) and my favourite desert (lemon flavoured ice-cream). So delicious <3 Towards the end of the day we also decided to go to an American Diner themed restuarant (which is on the sea front) just to have some drinks as we were all quite hot...and here is a photo i took of my brother pulling his 'serious' look -_-
Hes an odd lad :') that american diner was pretty cool though, i would reccommend anyone to pay it a visit! So as I said before, i love to go shopping in Brighton, so i got myself two small nice things as a reminder of my day out :) Theres a really big shopping centre called Churchill Square which is slightly inland and on a hill, and it has all good high street stores inside. I got myself this t-shirt from Hollister, officially being my first ever purchase from the most pretentious shop in the world:
Its nice and summery :) And there was also a really big Urban Outfitters there, and i couldnt resist going in, and got this bag on sale!
Hope you like :) Thats all for now as I have two and a half weeks left til the end of my year at university (and leaving UCA for good!), I'll be back soon hopefully with something a bit more interesting and meaningful...

Thursday, 12 April 2012

London Aquarium Trip

 On Tuesday, I went to London to go to the London Aquarium, which is just next to the London Eye. I had never been here before, but really wanted to go.
 I also had a 2 for 1 ticket that i wanted to use up :)
 Silly picture of me >.< I was trying to tidy up my fringe.. I went with Darren, Danielle and her boyfriend Geoff by train :) When we got to London, we walked like 2 miles from Victoria station to the aquarium to save money, and stopped off at a Mcdonalds on the way. The reason i took a picture of this Mcdonalds is because it was possibly the most fancy Mcdonalds restaurant i have ever seen - this photo was just its basement area!
Rather fancy ;) I liked it. It had flowers in vases on every table too.
Well when we got to London Aquarium there was a massive queue...and the signs outside said it was a 90 minute wait! SO many tourists were queueing the end it took us about an hour to queue up, but after walking nearly 2 miles to the place itself then standing up for an hour, i was kinda tired by this point :/
When we got inside everything was really dark, so my photos arent fantastic quality!
This photo is of a little pool of coral type creatures..however it had loads of black, strange starfish in it, they're kinda hard to spot but their arms were like long black worms...
In this rock pool they had orange coloured starfish which you were allowed to touch. Very cute idea :) when i've been to Cornwall and gone rock-pooling on the beach, occassionally i find a starfish under a rock and they're lovely to pick up :) their skin kind of reminds me of a cats tongue...
 I managed to get up very close to a giant turtle! He was about 1 metre long and was sitting right up against the glass... very cuteeee
 there was also a tank full of sharks, you can kind of see it in the photo above, but this room was soo dark it made photo-taking very difficult >.<
 so many pretty fish in the tanks! I came across a little clown fish (nemo!!) hanging out in a sea anemone... there was even a little Dory fish floating about close by...
There was also seahorses there - one of my favourites :) these two were showing off right up against the glass...however the room was very dark and all my photos were a little blurred..
 these spooky looking fish are called 'pipefish' and they just sort of sat around in the sand looking very snakey and strange...
another very beautiful and slightly sad looking seahorse <3
these little lobster type creatures were very cute...they were right up against the glass as if they were waving :)
 and of course the penguin area...this bit was super packed with just couldnt get up close to have a look really...and it was so dark..however the penguins were very cute and waddled about :)
aside from obvious ocean themed animals, there was also a rainforest section with poisonous frogs, and crocodiles, one whom especially liked to sit around and pose with his teeth on display -->
Overall I had a really nice day, but by the end i was exhausted...i must have walked about 4 miles in total. Although I reccommend ordering the tickets online before you go, or else you might end up queuing for over an hour..and perhaps dont go during holidays...


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