Monday, 16 April 2012

Day in Brighton

Just a mini post (to pass the time between here and next time) about my trip to Brighton with my brother Jacob and his friend Rebekah :)
I may not be able to post as much for the next three weeks or so as my final major project is due in in 2 and a half weeks, and i have an exhibition to prepare for as part of my graduation from UCA... Can't believe my time at UCA is almost over - and in september i start at Camberwell! Time has gone so quick I almost can't believe it really... well anyway, on with the post :)
It was a really nice day as you can see from my photo of the pier! Theres an awesome arcade in there too, with DDR, Hello Kitty themed UFO grabber machines etc. I really love DDR, especially DDR Supernova, and I've missed playing it as they shut down the arcade at Trocodero where I used to play it....
my brother and Rebekah :)
There are so many shops in Brighton, I think its possibly one of my favourite places to spend money as it has everything from vintage style shops, independent shops, artsy shops, galleries, pizzerias, and also typical high street shops too. The shop in the photo above was painted with Alice in Wonderland illustrations and inside it sold exclusively Alice in Wonderland themed merchandise ..
We also decided to go to Pizza Express whilst we were there - my favourite restaurant EVER. And of course i ordered my favourite pizza (quattro formaggi) and my favourite desert (lemon flavoured ice-cream). So delicious <3 Towards the end of the day we also decided to go to an American Diner themed restuarant (which is on the sea front) just to have some drinks as we were all quite hot...and here is a photo i took of my brother pulling his 'serious' look -_-
Hes an odd lad :') that american diner was pretty cool though, i would reccommend anyone to pay it a visit! So as I said before, i love to go shopping in Brighton, so i got myself two small nice things as a reminder of my day out :) Theres a really big shopping centre called Churchill Square which is slightly inland and on a hill, and it has all good high street stores inside. I got myself this t-shirt from Hollister, officially being my first ever purchase from the most pretentious shop in the world:
Its nice and summery :) And there was also a really big Urban Outfitters there, and i couldnt resist going in, and got this bag on sale!
Hope you like :) Thats all for now as I have two and a half weeks left til the end of my year at university (and leaving UCA for good!), I'll be back soon hopefully with something a bit more interesting and meaningful...


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