Thursday, 12 April 2012

London Aquarium Trip

 On Tuesday, I went to London to go to the London Aquarium, which is just next to the London Eye. I had never been here before, but really wanted to go.
 I also had a 2 for 1 ticket that i wanted to use up :)
 Silly picture of me >.< I was trying to tidy up my fringe.. I went with Darren, Danielle and her boyfriend Geoff by train :) When we got to London, we walked like 2 miles from Victoria station to the aquarium to save money, and stopped off at a Mcdonalds on the way. The reason i took a picture of this Mcdonalds is because it was possibly the most fancy Mcdonalds restaurant i have ever seen - this photo was just its basement area!
Rather fancy ;) I liked it. It had flowers in vases on every table too.
Well when we got to London Aquarium there was a massive queue...and the signs outside said it was a 90 minute wait! SO many tourists were queueing the end it took us about an hour to queue up, but after walking nearly 2 miles to the place itself then standing up for an hour, i was kinda tired by this point :/
When we got inside everything was really dark, so my photos arent fantastic quality!
This photo is of a little pool of coral type creatures..however it had loads of black, strange starfish in it, they're kinda hard to spot but their arms were like long black worms...
In this rock pool they had orange coloured starfish which you were allowed to touch. Very cute idea :) when i've been to Cornwall and gone rock-pooling on the beach, occassionally i find a starfish under a rock and they're lovely to pick up :) their skin kind of reminds me of a cats tongue...
 I managed to get up very close to a giant turtle! He was about 1 metre long and was sitting right up against the glass... very cuteeee
 there was also a tank full of sharks, you can kind of see it in the photo above, but this room was soo dark it made photo-taking very difficult >.<
 so many pretty fish in the tanks! I came across a little clown fish (nemo!!) hanging out in a sea anemone... there was even a little Dory fish floating about close by...
There was also seahorses there - one of my favourites :) these two were showing off right up against the glass...however the room was very dark and all my photos were a little blurred..
 these spooky looking fish are called 'pipefish' and they just sort of sat around in the sand looking very snakey and strange...
another very beautiful and slightly sad looking seahorse <3
these little lobster type creatures were very cute...they were right up against the glass as if they were waving :)
 and of course the penguin area...this bit was super packed with just couldnt get up close to have a look really...and it was so dark..however the penguins were very cute and waddled about :)
aside from obvious ocean themed animals, there was also a rainforest section with poisonous frogs, and crocodiles, one whom especially liked to sit around and pose with his teeth on display -->
Overall I had a really nice day, but by the end i was exhausted...i must have walked about 4 miles in total. Although I reccommend ordering the tickets online before you go, or else you might end up queuing for over an hour..and perhaps dont go during holidays...


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