Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Present from Sakura Nakagawa

On Monday afternoon I received a notification that a package had been delivered to my house, and I had been at uni. So the next day me and my mum went to the post office to pick up the package. I literally had no idea what the package was, until the lady at the office handed it to me and i recognised Japanese characters printed all over it.

It was a package from Hiroshima, Japan, and more specifically from my friend Sakura Nakagawa! I haven't seen her since March 2011, when she and a group of girls from Suzugamine High School came to stay as part of my sixth forms exchange program with a Japanese school.
Sakura is the one on the right..she is so cuteee! I miss her so much (^U^)
When I opened the package it was full of awesome cute gifts, including some of my favourite Japanese sweets - Ghana are amazing chocolates, I've had to limit myself to 1 piece a day!
And a Rilakkuma phone charm, because she remembered that i love Rilakkuma merchandise :)
And she included W<3C socks too, another brand Sakura remembered I liked, and a brand she also likes :) I was very happy about these <3
I think probably the cutest part of the entire package was this little collage-esque letter that came with it. It was nice and sturdy, so you could display it somewhere, which i have done, its currently on a shelf in my room.
Here is a picture of me, my brother, my mum, my stepdad and my exchange students Yuki and also Sakura herself outside my former school. Can't believe this was over a year ago now...i look so different with my old blonde hair!
So when you open up the letter there was a really adoreable collage of photos of Sakura and Yuki on their exchange trip to London and during their stay with me and my family! So cute i felt all warm inside...
And a lovely little note in the middle ...
A photo of me and Sakura!

I miss Sakura so much, and also my other student Yuki too, although i don't hear from her as much as Sakura.. I really hope that when i get the chance to go back to Japan i will get to see them and the rest of the students from Suzugamine.


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