Monday, 21 May 2012

UCA exhibition

So I had my end of year exhibition! Finally. The entire course had been building up to this...can't really believe its over. Well, it took place at Chatham dockyard on friday the 18th  of may, in a really awesome building that the exhibition takes place in every year...

Its an old ship-building warehouse, with really good design and lighting :) So the evening started at 4pm, with a private 1.30hr exhibition for press to come and take photos. Then the rest of the students and their families were allowed to come view at 6pm-8pm. It was quite exciting seeing people holding the ticket/leaflet with my collage design on it :)
I took photos of my favourite pieces i saw around the exhibition....
This was quite interesting, it was from the visual communication class, and was a mix of 3d and really awesome designs on the wall...
Oh and this is one of my favourites! A good friend of mine, Alfie, makes collages and dresses based on his illustrations/doodling over imagery of kawaii objects and models from Kera magazine, particuarly Amo :) I loveee the dress he made!
These cute little monsters known as 'bill' really caught my eye :)
This piece was drawn onto the exhibition wall itself, i have no idea who did it but i thought it was a really good wall illustration piece.
Another really amazing illustration...I don't know the guy who made this personally, but hes someone i've seen around uni alot...i was surprised at how good he was at drawing!
A piece from the 3D simple but really nice to look at....i wonder how they made looks rather complex...
The girl who made this sat behind me in my fine art class, and i believe she is also going to the same uni to study the same course as me! She had really good illustrations, and her final piece was based on Mexican street shrines with a gothic, edgy vibe to it....
Another guy in my class, made some really good people portraits in a really unique style...
This section features two people in my class again...the one on the right, a good friend of mine Jack, whos work was based on lots of personal levels and looked at alter egos, he got realllyyy into his project! It was quite interesting to watch :) The guy on the left, is a guy called George who I've only spoken to a few times, but did some really awesome paintings.
Some more of Georges paintings! I believe he is also going to Camberwell, but will be studying painting, so i'll probably see him around the building from time to time. Will be interesting to see what work he does next.
This is yet anotherrrr guy in my class known as Ben, whom has quite a habit of making extravagent work! His final piece lived up to his reputation! :)
There wasnt a huge ammount of photography there, but I really LOVE ninas fish eye photography...
This was some realllyy good illustration. I never got the name of the person who made it, but he was in my class and I hardly ever saw him, he was rather quiet, but had really amazing talent.
My friend Gurjit made these stunning paintings...they're so lovely, even my parents were like saying they were some of the best paintings in the whole exhibition :)
And then another piece from the 3d class... ;)
Last, but hopefully not least, time to show you my work! I got a call one morning from the teachers the day before the exhibition asking me how i wanted it to be set up...i told them it was up to them as they'd probably do a good job of it...and when i got there i felt very happy with it :) Please excuse the photo my mum took of me!
I look silly >.< I was cringing slightly as the photo was taken as everyone was staring at me posing in front of it :/ They chose a really nice selection of my work and arranged it exactly as i wanted it (in my head that is ). They also were kind enough to give me a really nice, large place to put my work!
all my envelope drawings/paintings alongside my larger canvas paintings...i was really worried about how they'd look, but i felt really pleased :)
I felt like the teachers were quite pleased with it too as they spent the majority of the exhibition standing next to it! I was so happy! Well anyway the exhibition is open til this wednesday coming up...then I have to take it all down, and collect my results on thursday...heres hoping i get a merit!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My First Publication

This is only a short post really, but i felt it was important to me ^^ I recently wrote about how my work had won the competition to be on the front cover of the leaflets/tickets of my University Exhibition, and just the other day I went to collect it from the University! 
I was quite excited >.< Its kind of my first published work...
Thats the front of it! FE is the name of the diploma course :) and UCA is the name of my university..
And  then the back of it...I'm credited on the back!
Friday is the start of the exhibition, it has a special private evening for the press to come along, then after that theres a private evening for the students and their families to come view it :) Mildly excited. However we didnt really get to set up our own work at the exhibition, it was mostly left up to the teachers and staff, so hopefully it'll look good!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Art video #1

Seeing as I'm at home alot now I've finished uni for the year, I've been trying to encourage myself to do some illustrating in my free time. I recently saw some examples of speed progression art on youtube, where you film yourself drawing/painting which usually lasts around an hour, then speed it up to around 12 minutes, and upload it to the internet. I bought myself a mini camcorder around a year ago, so I put it to good use. At first I struggled to decide what to draw from, but earlier that morning I'd be talking about a cat picture I had seen on the internet with someone, and I decided to use it :)
cutest kitty the expression !
Well anyway, I drew it in pencil first onto thick paper, then painted over it in watercolour paints. I haven't used watercolours since my GCSES, which was like 2008-2009? So a few good years. I usually use acrylics for painting, but they're much harder to use if you want to paint quickly... Well in the end I came up with this :
I hope you like it! I'm very pleased with it, especially seeing as I haven't used that type of paint for years, and the painting only took me about an hour...I usually spend dayssss on a painting! So like I said, I filmed the video, edited it, sped it up so its 12 minutes long etc and I uploaded it to youtube.

Please watch it :) -->

I may make a few more videos like this over summer, we'll see anyway ;)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

art competition

Just a small post, but quite important in some ways ^^ As you may know, my university are holding an exhibition to display all the work we have been developing for a final project, which I'm really looking forward to. Alot of press are invited including Saatchi&Saatchi, and in previous years work has been bought and photographed etc. Well anyway my university wanted everyone to submit their best work to be considered for the front cover of the tickets and leaflet for the exhibition which will go out to everyone who is invited/will attend the exhibition. I decided I really wanted to have a go at it, so I selected my favourite pieces and sent them off -->
I mostly chose illustration based stuff, as this is what I'm interested in. Some really amazing work got submitted, my friend sent off an amazingggg fish eye photo which I really love D; In a way I kind of forgot about the competition for a while as I was busy with getting my project finished, and I kind of thought that i didnt stand a chance, and that someone in fashion or 3d class would win. However during a lecture I had a few weeks ago one of the lecturers announced that I had won >.< I was really embarrassed and a little surprised, but really happy at the same time! Although they didn't choose any of my illustration pieces, but instead they chose a collage I made-->
A bit weird huh? :/ Its definitely not my favourite piece of work, nor a piece I'm entirely happy to be associated with however I can't complain, I actually won something for once! I've seen the leaflet design which is being printed up at the moment, so when i get  hold of a real copy of it I'll have to post about it..

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Last Day at UCA

It was my last day at UCA today. I came in an hour before the start of lessons like i usually do, and began mounting all my work onto a1 sheets to put into my portfolio, finished all my sketchbook work and then organised all the appropriate documents we had to hand in (and believe me there are alot of documents!). Cannot believe how quickly it has gone, september doesnt seem that long ago...I officially have five months off til i start at Camberwell in London for my degree. Here is pretty much how my desk looked a week ago with all my work up before i took it down for my portfolio....
I did have alot of fun putting my work up! Although every day the radiators would heat up the work and make it fall down...nevermind. Well anyway as you may know I had to produce a final major project for the exhibition we are holding at the end of the month, so I'm going to show you some of the work I've been doing in the last 3 weeks :)
I've been working on a mini collection of pencil drawings of my 'babyhood', using photos of me as a baby basically. I used a nice non smudgy pencil so the images would stay nice and clean, and left out all texture and detail to keep the images as refined as possible.
This one of me reminds me of Stewie Griffin >.<
I deliberately left out lots of things such as eye detail, clothing detail etc, it wasn't intentional at first but I quite liked the strange, empty look about it, especially with the eyes! I also isolated any backgrounds and areas of clothing i felt weren't appropriate, as i wanted to draw attention the figures more than anything. I think they make quite interesting baby portraits :)
Aside from the baby portraits, I got back into acrylics! I was working on a canvas surface, and using photographs of my childhood (as you can see behind the painting). I really enjoyed doing this particular image, however it took me 3 days and i think at least half of that was spent doing the background (which was extremely boring).
With my second canvas acrylic painting I managed to capture a few of the steps i took to create it. I started off by spending a good hour analysing and sketching in pencil the shapes of the figures, background etc so i could get it done acurately and in proportion.
I then began to build up the colours in layers of paint, the 1st layer being a solid peach colour, the 2nd adding shadows, the 3rd adding blush and temperature to the skin, the 4th adding creases and folds to the skin and the 5th being the areas i would highlight to show moisture on the skin or the light direction.
see the difference the layers make? this process takes hours and can be very boring |:
I began to paint my 2nd figure (my mum) which was a little more difficult as she has a much darker skin tone than my first figure, so i had to completely mix up a new pallette of colours...
And after this long boring process, I began to add clothing, and scenery, also using the build up of layers method...
I tend to leave the hair until last, so that the background can be painted behind it and not over it!
The final product! Aside from the detail and colour depth etc, im not overkeen on the child figure in this painting for some reason...i tried for ages to figure out what i didnt like about it but even now im not sure...I get the feeling i drew the child a little bit out of proportion, even though i spent an hour trying to get it right - just shows you the difficulty >.<
In my third and final canvas painting, I this time decided to focus more on the figure rather than the background so i could pay more attention to things such as proportion, i didnt really want to fuck this one this point i was getting a little fed up of doing paintings... as you can see in the image above, i've painted the 1st layer of paint which is a thick solid colour.
Here is after applications of shadows, highlights, skin temperature etc. I have even begun to highlight the facial folds/features with a grey paint. Again you can see I'm deliberately leaving the hair til I've made a start on the background :)
My figure is complete by this point, aside from a few final touches to the skin that is. I had aleady begun to put the beach in the background, as i was getting a little impatient to start on the hair! I also kept the reference photo close by so i could keep an eye on what i was doing :)
And after 2 days of work here is the final product of canvas painting number 3! I am much happier with this painting than with number 2, as i felt i did a much better job on it.
Anyway thats all for now, as I have to go out tonight to a comedy thing :) but I will need to blog on my upcoming exhibition where all these works will be featured >.<

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