Sunday, 13 May 2012

Art video #1

Seeing as I'm at home alot now I've finished uni for the year, I've been trying to encourage myself to do some illustrating in my free time. I recently saw some examples of speed progression art on youtube, where you film yourself drawing/painting which usually lasts around an hour, then speed it up to around 12 minutes, and upload it to the internet. I bought myself a mini camcorder around a year ago, so I put it to good use. At first I struggled to decide what to draw from, but earlier that morning I'd be talking about a cat picture I had seen on the internet with someone, and I decided to use it :)
cutest kitty the expression !
Well anyway, I drew it in pencil first onto thick paper, then painted over it in watercolour paints. I haven't used watercolours since my GCSES, which was like 2008-2009? So a few good years. I usually use acrylics for painting, but they're much harder to use if you want to paint quickly... Well in the end I came up with this :
I hope you like it! I'm very pleased with it, especially seeing as I haven't used that type of paint for years, and the painting only took me about an hour...I usually spend dayssss on a painting! So like I said, I filmed the video, edited it, sped it up so its 12 minutes long etc and I uploaded it to youtube.

Please watch it :) -->

I may make a few more videos like this over summer, we'll see anyway ;)


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