Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My First Publication

This is only a short post really, but i felt it was important to me ^^ I recently wrote about how my work had won the competition to be on the front cover of the leaflets/tickets of my University Exhibition, and just the other day I went to collect it from the University! 
I was quite excited >.< Its kind of my first published work...
Thats the front of it! FE is the name of the diploma course :) and UCA is the name of my university..
And  then the back of it...I'm credited on the back!
Friday is the start of the exhibition, it has a special private evening for the press to come along, then after that theres a private evening for the students and their families to come view it :) Mildly excited. However we didnt really get to set up our own work at the exhibition, it was mostly left up to the teachers and staff, so hopefully it'll look good!


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