Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kojiro Kumagai Fashion Illustration

Since I finished for the year at university, I was kind of missing the library I had access to. It was full of some really awesome artist and photography books, some of which were obscure and no longer in print. A particular one I had read several times in there was a Fashion Illustration book by Kojiro Kumagai, and it was clearly a little old and dated however the illustration styles and techniques were amazing. I wanted to buy it for myself and i literally couldnt find it anywhere, except for one shop on the internet who wanted £70 for it, as it was so rare and out of print. However, I was unable to find that book, but I managed to find another fashion illustration book by the same artist...
Cute cover with a nice kitty on the front :) Its called Fashion Illustrations: Ladies, Men and Children. It was very similar to the other book by the same artist, except the book I had fallen in love with at the library had more cutsey childrens illustration, whereas this book was more focused on adult fashion. I managed to find this book on Amazon, and it wasnt that expensive at all, however its clearly an old book thats no longer in print, as it was a little bit creased but nonethless in good condition.
The book had alot of pages varying in black and white and colour illustrations. Some of the styles were quite manga - esque, whereas others were a bit more classic fashion illustration you generally see...
Lovely 80s fashion going on haha...the book really is a little dated! However the drawing and colouring technique is so good...refined and smooth brushstrokes..
And some cute childrens fashion illustration too! His style of drawing characters varies so much, however this kind of style is what I really like about the work...makes me miss the childrens illustration book he did rather alot :(
Aside from pretty pictures, the artist offers some simple techniques on drawing faces, such as facial proportion, lips, eyes, noses etc.
There were also some nudes mum saw me looking at this over my shoulder and was like wtf are you looking at -_- But seriously nudes are quite an important part of fashion illustration! Even animation degrees make it compulsory that you take part in life drawing classes (where you draw nudey ladies).
some cuteee fashion portraits...
He also shows the steps it takes to create the fashion illustration such as using images of models in the clothes as reference, then drawing in pencil step by step. Then he uses layers of watercolour paint to build up the print on the dress and the detail of the model...
Really love this portrait drawing...even if it looks like 1986.
Aside from using lots of watercolour, he makes use of fine liners and coloured markers to create varying strokes and detail. I quite like this effect, I think it depends on the material or the outfit you are drawing up to a point though.
This piece used a combination of white pencil and paint to create highlights on top of airbrushed colour....I've never had the opportunity to do any airbrush illustration myself, although I can imagine its difficult and probably a little expensive to buy all the gear.
And some more cute finished illustrations :) so pretty. I wish I had made them.
On a slightly less artistic note, this is the artist ...seems kinda weird that hes a guy. And possibly the weirder fact is that his official portrait is of him smoking a cigarette. Noicee.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My 2nd Publication

So as the title sort of says...I managed to secure myself a 2nd publication of my work. It was sort of by accident really. My stepdad does the graphics and leaflets for the local amateur dramatics as a hobby, and he gave me a print out of a graphic he had made and asked me if i would paint it up for him. So i said yes and painted it exactly as the graphic looked (or as best as i could anyway).
So a week later I had finished it and gave him the painted version...and the next thing I know its the main illustration for the poster of a Performance of "A Tale of Two Cities"..
I was a bit taken a back haha but nonetheless happy :) it was a nice surprise.
Aside from that, my mum also decided to have my original acrylic painting pieces from my exhibition framed. She wanted to keep one herself and give the other to my dad for fathers day which was nice :)
They look quite nice in frames...they're also rather big too. At the moment they're just sort of sitting in my bedroom, as I haven't seen my dad to give it to him yet. Can't wait to get rid of them and get some space back in my bedroom!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Collage Work

Aside from general drawing and illustrating work, I have been creating some collages using fashion magazines and vintage science books. I really love make collages, and I feel like its an area of illustration I haven't really covered much, but when I was making collages in my visual communication class last winter my teachers really liked them and thought they were pretty good, so I kinda decided I wanted to work more on this :) Heres a quick recap on the collages I made last year....
 The above collages are some examples I made during my visual communication class, and the ones the teachers especially liked! The 1st one is the one that made it onto the leaflet for my end of year show as you might remember :) These collages were made using vintage records and an old encyclopedia full of lovely scientific graphics which I really enjoy working with. Anyhow, that was last year, but this year I am still working with a scientific theme but I have included fashion models in the collages from cut outs of modern magazines.
This one is my favourite, I would really love to use this on a canvas bag or tshirt in the future. I found a cloud background on tumblr, and then used a picture of a model in a magazine and put her face center page, with pink cutout tears :)
Again I have used a fashion model cut out from a magazine, however this time I have used a brown used paper background with a strip from an airmail envelope and a vintage illustration of a bird from a childs book to even out the image. I have removed the models eyes and replaced them with a galaxy background, and used the same background to shadow her.
Unfortunately this is the last one, there was a 4th one in this mini series but I cannot find it ANYWHERE. Its disappeared into my bedroom. Well anyway, this is another space themed one, with a fashion model center page. I have used a map to feature in areas of her face I have removed, as well as letraset to create the "yes no" on her eyes. I then used tracing paper to create a corset for her to wear, which allowed the galaxy background to shine through :)

Now anyway, aside from collages, I mentioned in my last post about my illustration tumblr
"Burbles" and how I was trying to get it off the ground. Well in just a few days I have managed to double my followers, which is great, but what excited me more was the popularity of some of my work!
An illustration I did of a crow ages ago got 77 notes attached to it overnight (its now over 80!), which included likes and reblogs! I took a screen print of it as i was really excited :)
So yeah lol Im hoping this will continue, I really want my tumblr to grow and be popular! If you havent checked it out already please do, and please follow ->


Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Today I would like to introduce my readers to " Burbles ". Its the title of my online art portfolio which is on tumblr as of yesterday! Seems like an odd name :') indeed, but it came from one of my cats whom refuses to miaow properly and instead makes a burble sound instead :) I thought it was cute, and it kind of just stuck after that.
 So above, is the web address for it, and i would be extremely grateful if people would view it and FOLLOW it! As the tumblr account has only existed like less than two days, it only has about 5-6 followers, but I am really hoping to get this number to double or even triple within a week. This tumblr account is going to be the absolute forefront of my illustrations, as I am going to be showcasing all of my old and latest work, and in the future I will be looking for artists to collaborate with, holding art competitions, general giveaway competitions, selling art, doing commissions basically its going to be quite an important website in terms of my work...

I spent all of yesterday setting it up, creating a logo for the title, spreading the word a little on facebook and my previous tumblr account...I hope you like the layout! Its clean, white and simple with a neat lavender contrast in the title and text :) I tried to make it look as proffessional as possible..but i guess you'll be the judge of that :) I've uploaded some of my most popular work, but as popularity grows I will be uploading more hopefully everyday.
So pleaseeee follow this tumblr and if you want to please reblog work that you like, its really important to me as I am hoping/trying to spread the word about my artwork this summer and get the ball rolling kind of thing...

thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

University Results

This is only a quick update, I have alot of nice and interesting things to write about this week - however - my results for my Foundation Diploma at UCA came through :0
I got a Merit! My tutor had a long chat with me earlier on in the year about what each of the grades are worth; a Pass grade is roughly between a C and a B grade, and apparently 2/3s of the year will achieve this. Whilst on the other hand, a Merit grade is similar to an A grade, whilst a Distinction grade is like achieving higher than an A*...
Obviously a Distinction would've been nice, but I'm pleased i got a Merit. I did alot of hard work and I feel i kind of deserved to get a Merit..I was a little worried I'd only get a Pass, but i'm glad I didn't :) Aside from this, my grade doesn't affect my university place as it was unconditional, so I will still be attending Camberwell in late September thankfully.

Aside from grades, I have uploaded much of my art work to a Flickr account (which I regularly update) and I would be really grateful if you would check it out:

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Small start to Summer

I haven't really posted as frequently as I usually do, due to the fact I've been enjoying the start of my summer with friends and family! I've been out shopping, down the pub, out to restaurants and general nice things like that :) The weather has been a little strange but nonetheless I've had a great start to the Summer. Aside from general pleasure seeking :) I have made a little effort to work on my illustration skills and portfolio. I decided I wanted to create some characters, whilst also experimenting with 1.0mm fine liners which are my favourite type of pens to work with.
As I am a huge cat fan, I based this series of illustrations around cat characters. And to start off, I thought about the rainy weather when I made this one :)
Lovely drenched cat in a rainmac! Then I moved on to this voyeuristic kitty... when i was making this i thought about all the times I travelled up to Rochester everyday on the train, which went past someones garden shed, which almost always had a gang of cats sitting on it spying on the neighbours.

And then a nice fat cat in a bandana :) my mum said this one looked like a bulldog hybrid cat haha...i can kind of see where she was coming from D;
And then i drew a cute scottish fold :) this was based off a lovely picture i'd seen online of a scottish fold with wild eyes and sticking its tongue out...very cute :)
And last but not least, a lovely exotic shorthair, looking deeply concerned about their expanding waistline ;)
I've made a bit of a habit now of signing my work and dating it too, as I feel like with time my work is becoming more important to me. I've also decided to no longer do work for free, which I had been doing alot lately and I think I've got to the point now where I need to be more proffessional and tactical about my work. Apart from that I'm really pleased with these, I hope people like them too... Well thats all for now, however my UCA results for my foundation diploma come out tomorrow!

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