Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Today I would like to introduce my readers to " Burbles ". Its the title of my online art portfolio which is on tumblr as of yesterday! Seems like an odd name :') indeed, but it came from one of my cats whom refuses to miaow properly and instead makes a burble sound instead :) I thought it was cute, and it kind of just stuck after that.
 So above, is the web address for it, and i would be extremely grateful if people would view it and FOLLOW it! As the tumblr account has only existed like less than two days, it only has about 5-6 followers, but I am really hoping to get this number to double or even triple within a week. This tumblr account is going to be the absolute forefront of my illustrations, as I am going to be showcasing all of my old and latest work, and in the future I will be looking for artists to collaborate with, holding art competitions, general giveaway competitions, selling art, doing commissions basically its going to be quite an important website in terms of my work...

I spent all of yesterday setting it up, creating a logo for the title, spreading the word a little on facebook and my previous tumblr account...I hope you like the layout! Its clean, white and simple with a neat lavender contrast in the title and text :) I tried to make it look as proffessional as possible..but i guess you'll be the judge of that :) I've uploaded some of my most popular work, but as popularity grows I will be uploading more hopefully everyday.
So pleaseeee follow this tumblr and if you want to please reblog work that you like, its really important to me as I am hoping/trying to spread the word about my artwork this summer and get the ball rolling kind of thing...

thanks for reading :)


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