Sunday, 17 June 2012

Collage Work

Aside from general drawing and illustrating work, I have been creating some collages using fashion magazines and vintage science books. I really love make collages, and I feel like its an area of illustration I haven't really covered much, but when I was making collages in my visual communication class last winter my teachers really liked them and thought they were pretty good, so I kinda decided I wanted to work more on this :) Heres a quick recap on the collages I made last year....
 The above collages are some examples I made during my visual communication class, and the ones the teachers especially liked! The 1st one is the one that made it onto the leaflet for my end of year show as you might remember :) These collages were made using vintage records and an old encyclopedia full of lovely scientific graphics which I really enjoy working with. Anyhow, that was last year, but this year I am still working with a scientific theme but I have included fashion models in the collages from cut outs of modern magazines.
This one is my favourite, I would really love to use this on a canvas bag or tshirt in the future. I found a cloud background on tumblr, and then used a picture of a model in a magazine and put her face center page, with pink cutout tears :)
Again I have used a fashion model cut out from a magazine, however this time I have used a brown used paper background with a strip from an airmail envelope and a vintage illustration of a bird from a childs book to even out the image. I have removed the models eyes and replaced them with a galaxy background, and used the same background to shadow her.
Unfortunately this is the last one, there was a 4th one in this mini series but I cannot find it ANYWHERE. Its disappeared into my bedroom. Well anyway, this is another space themed one, with a fashion model center page. I have used a map to feature in areas of her face I have removed, as well as letraset to create the "yes no" on her eyes. I then used tracing paper to create a corset for her to wear, which allowed the galaxy background to shine through :)

Now anyway, aside from collages, I mentioned in my last post about my illustration tumblr
"Burbles" and how I was trying to get it off the ground. Well in just a few days I have managed to double my followers, which is great, but what excited me more was the popularity of some of my work!
An illustration I did of a crow ages ago got 77 notes attached to it overnight (its now over 80!), which included likes and reblogs! I took a screen print of it as i was really excited :)
So yeah lol Im hoping this will continue, I really want my tumblr to grow and be popular! If you havent checked it out already please do, and please follow ->



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