Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My 2nd Publication

So as the title sort of says...I managed to secure myself a 2nd publication of my work. It was sort of by accident really. My stepdad does the graphics and leaflets for the local amateur dramatics as a hobby, and he gave me a print out of a graphic he had made and asked me if i would paint it up for him. So i said yes and painted it exactly as the graphic looked (or as best as i could anyway).
So a week later I had finished it and gave him the painted version...and the next thing I know its the main illustration for the poster of a Performance of "A Tale of Two Cities"..
I was a bit taken a back haha but nonetheless happy :) it was a nice surprise.
Aside from that, my mum also decided to have my original acrylic painting pieces from my exhibition framed. She wanted to keep one herself and give the other to my dad for fathers day which was nice :)
They look quite nice in frames...they're also rather big too. At the moment they're just sort of sitting in my bedroom, as I haven't seen my dad to give it to him yet. Can't wait to get rid of them and get some space back in my bedroom!


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