Thursday, 7 June 2012

Small start to Summer

I haven't really posted as frequently as I usually do, due to the fact I've been enjoying the start of my summer with friends and family! I've been out shopping, down the pub, out to restaurants and general nice things like that :) The weather has been a little strange but nonetheless I've had a great start to the Summer. Aside from general pleasure seeking :) I have made a little effort to work on my illustration skills and portfolio. I decided I wanted to create some characters, whilst also experimenting with 1.0mm fine liners which are my favourite type of pens to work with.
As I am a huge cat fan, I based this series of illustrations around cat characters. And to start off, I thought about the rainy weather when I made this one :)
Lovely drenched cat in a rainmac! Then I moved on to this voyeuristic kitty... when i was making this i thought about all the times I travelled up to Rochester everyday on the train, which went past someones garden shed, which almost always had a gang of cats sitting on it spying on the neighbours.

And then a nice fat cat in a bandana :) my mum said this one looked like a bulldog hybrid cat haha...i can kind of see where she was coming from D;
And then i drew a cute scottish fold :) this was based off a lovely picture i'd seen online of a scottish fold with wild eyes and sticking its tongue out...very cute :)
And last but not least, a lovely exotic shorthair, looking deeply concerned about their expanding waistline ;)
I've made a bit of a habit now of signing my work and dating it too, as I feel like with time my work is becoming more important to me. I've also decided to no longer do work for free, which I had been doing alot lately and I think I've got to the point now where I need to be more proffessional and tactical about my work. Apart from that I'm really pleased with these, I hope people like them too... Well thats all for now, however my UCA results for my foundation diploma come out tomorrow!


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