Tuesday, 12 June 2012

University Results

This is only a quick update, I have alot of nice and interesting things to write about this week - however - my results for my Foundation Diploma at UCA came through :0
I got a Merit! My tutor had a long chat with me earlier on in the year about what each of the grades are worth; a Pass grade is roughly between a C and a B grade, and apparently 2/3s of the year will achieve this. Whilst on the other hand, a Merit grade is similar to an A grade, whilst a Distinction grade is like achieving higher than an A*...
Obviously a Distinction would've been nice, but I'm pleased i got a Merit. I did alot of hard work and I feel i kind of deserved to get a Merit..I was a little worried I'd only get a Pass, but i'm glad I didn't :) Aside from this, my grade doesn't affect my university place as it was unconditional, so I will still be attending Camberwell in late September thankfully.

Aside from grades, I have uploaded much of my art work to a Flickr account (which I regularly update) and I would be really grateful if you would check it out:


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