Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer doodling

Hello again :) so for once this Summer I'm going to talk about my work! Which seems hardly ever lately, I've been so lazy. Being out of art university on my holidays obviously leads to laziness...however I have tried to make an effort to do a little bit of art work. I've most been working on getting all my work scanned in to my Illustration site "Burbles" and trying to get that out there generally... Well anyway what i have managed to do is experiment with my illustration work. I have a strong habit of trying to get things totally perfect and in proportion and realistic, especially with my paintings, however those things are not really needed nor relevant when it comes to illustration. So against my strong will to make things look 'realistic' I've been drawing these:
Out of all the doodles I've done this summer, this is probably my favourite one. Its quite a nice, clean graphic, especially considering it was my first sort of attempt, I wouldnt mind printing it onto a tote bag for myself! I used fine liners in 0.1mm to create this on thick white paper so the ink wouldnt bleed, before scanning it in. I based the characters and general idea on Japanese fashion idols from Amo to Kumikki....Its a style of drawing that I'm working to develop right now and create graphics from, which I may use for other things in the future :) such as the tote bags I mentioned.
Someone I know said this looked like a sex doll :D I kind of laughed, its so true.. slightly creepy as this was drawn as a school girl in seifuku uniform. However it was just another experimentation in the same illustration style I was using before...this time with Sharpie pens, pencils and coloured fine liners to colour the images. I used a bit of white gel pen too to highlight a few things.
And the rest of the body...not sure I like it D: I didnt really want to make it look realistic as I usually do with my other works, but I'm not overkeen on the style so I'm going to develop this. Illustration can be kind of hard, as you have to struggle with the balance to create something edgy and different, but without making it look too photo-like, which I have a strong habit of fucking up....I'm just not very used to not making photo-like illustration.
And finally another one (without the body). I like this one better :)
Anyway, hopefully soon I'll improve this style and upload some more of my work when I can be bothered....


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