Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Trip to Broadstairs

 Such a pretty landscape :) You don't have to travel far really to find a lovely place. I went to Broadstairs the other day with my dad and brother, Jacob, as we don't live with our dad so its nice to make a day of it :) Broadstairs is a little seaside town in East Kent which is about 60 minutes from where I live (West Kent).
 Its one of my dads favourite places apparently, he kind of wants to live here. I can see why, its really pretty and quite peaceful. Theres a tiny beach full of colourful boats and beach huts....I hope you don't mind all my landscape photos :)
When I took this photo of the boats with the buildings in the background I suddenly thought 'omg i've painted this before' and I remembered its the background to a photo of me as a little girl I painted for my final major project during the Spring! Kind of a weird feeling, like i'd stepped into one of my paintings...
 Unfortunately its one of the paintings i really didnt like when it was finished, i kind of messed up a few things and couldnt be bothered to tidy them up as it had already taken 3 DAYS to complete, but nevermind. I much prefer the original photo :)
This is apparently the Bleak House from the Charles Dickens novel and the tv series..
and my dad looking out to sea (:
my brother :)
 We also had icecream in a world famous restaurant called Morellis where they do amazing gelato (italian icecream) it was extremely yummy. Although I am on a calorie-reduced diet I did manage to squeeze in a lemon gelato ice cream which happens to be one of my favourite flavours of ice cream/sorbet EVER. Its also extremely hard to get hold of...
Then we all had a cup of tea on the beach, it was rather windy so excuse my rather wind-swept hair ><
And by this point as you can see from the sky, serious rainclouds were on there way. As we were driving home on the motorway, the rain got so bad the wiper blades couldnt keep up so we had to pull over...
I like this photo as you can see my new Geo lenses quite well. I mentioned that they were only 14mm ones as opposed to the 14.5mm ones I wore previously, as I felt the 14.5 ones looked too bug-eyed on my already big eyes >< But from this photo the slightly smaller circle lenses still look pretty big, so I'm really glad I got these lenses !
But regardless of the changing weather and such it was a really nice smiley day :)
I saw a really cute boat in the harbour too called 'Happy Days' which i felt was quite relevant for the day...
 I think that might just be my favourite photo of the day. Well anyway, aside from onland, there was also something interesting to look at offshore! Out in the distance in the sea there is a windfarm, which I thought was awesome! Loads of people complain about them but I think they're really beautiful to look at, and especially at sea, with all the boats around them I think they're kind of mysterious and futuristic.
And another sea picture...check out those waves hitting the harbour! A car had parked right up against the edge and was getting soakedddd...I got the impression they parked there deliberately.
And lastly, we took a long walk along the beach, which mildly ruined a pair of canvas shoes i have, but it was a nice opportunity to sign our names in the sand :)


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