Monday, 2 July 2012

Weight Loss so far :)

This is a post I've kind of been looking forward to talking about for a while, as its something I'm quite excited about :) In recent times, probably the last 6-12 months I've attempted losing weight and not really had much luck at all....
Since I was 13 I've been a UK size 8-10, and roughly weighed around 8 stone, but since 2009 my dress size stayed the same (thankfully) but my weight shot up to 8.5 stone. In the last 2 years or so its gone up again to 9 stone, my clothes STILL fit me, but when I took a BMI of myself I was medically in the overweight category. 9 stone may not sound like much to the average person, but bare in mind I am 4'11 (150cm) in height, and 9 stone on my frame does not sit well in my personal opinion. I was still happily fitting in to size 8 clothing, but I felt that I could do with losing a stone to feel better about myself. Unfortunately I felt like there was a whole style of outfits out there I liked but felt too fat to wear, for example sleeveless tops :/ It was a bit depressing but I decided to change that.
Earlier this year I bought and started taking some of Adios Max pills for a little while. They apparently speed up your metabolism, but I found that all they did was make me feel extremely hungry which kind of destroyed the whole point to losing all i did was want to continue eating :/ So they were crap basically.
I then tried Holland and Barretts "Fibre Diet" pills, which I think worked MUCH better. Not only were they good for you because of fibre suppliment and supporting healthy digestion etc, but they reduce your appetite! Thank godddd something that works. These were perfect for those days where bordom would lead to snacking, and it finally curbed that. Fantastic, HEALTHY stuff.

Aside from a little vitamin help to curb my food cravings, I also began doing weights. My mum had a personal trainer for a while, and according to her weights are probably more important than cardio for losing weight, because the increased muscle mass burns fat not only when you're exercising the muscle, but even when you're asleep or standing still. So in other words it not only tones  your body but it speeds up your burning of fat. My brother does weights and owns some dumbbells, so I borrowed his 2.5kg ones and began doing 100 dumbbell curls on each arm everyday for a couple of months. Eventually I gained enough strength to progress to 4.5kg dumbells, and began exercising with these. And they so far have made my arms look more toned, a little slimmer, but more noticeably they've made my shoulders and collarbone more defined which I am really happy about.
 As you can see from the photo, I totally went out there and bought a sleeveless top, which I had an array of insecurities about previously...but i think my arms/body look slimmer here already thanks to the weights.... :)
 So now onto cardio exercise...the other important aspect to losing weight. This, is almost as important as doing weights, but you have to be realistic and careful not to hurt yourself, so I planned a safe route and got myself some proper trainers! Otherwise you can injure your joints... I've only been going running for a couple of months, I'm still not very fit and I can only do a mile at a time, but I do it in 12 minutes and a good part of it is up hill! On average my mile run burns around 90 calories, so its definitely added to my weight loss. And now onto the most difficult part - FOOD.
cute little meal huh? In total I am having between 1200-1300 calories a day. Throughout the entire week! And I've been very strict about it. If I go to a restaurant, I will look up the calories on the internet first to check which meals I can eat which keep within my calories. You'd be surprised how many restaurants now have their calories listed on the internet!
Aside from this, I find that brown bread, boiled eggs, vegetable soup and sticky rice are really great for filling you up, as well as being healthy carbs. Its also really important to try to drink only water, or tea with semi skimmed milk, and to avoid fruit juice at all costs (one glass of orange juice has the same ammount of calories as a bag of crisps).
So thats all my tips for my weight loss. But now for the results of my weight loss so far.
I've been dieting for exactly 2 weeks.
 Monday 18th June I weighed :
57.6kg /  9.0 stone
Waist Measurements: 67cm / 26.3inch
Belly Measurements: 85cm
Hip Measurements: 90cm
 Thigh Measurements: 59cm
* drum roll  *
Monday 2nd July I weighed :
55kg /  8.9 stone
Waist Measurements: 65cm / 25.5inch
Belly Measurements: 83cm
Hip Measurements: 87.5cm
 Thigh Measurements: 57.5cm

I have lost 5lb in weight and a total of an inch off my entire body in just two weeks :) I'm so pleased and glad that my diet and moderate exercise is working. I have a further 9lb to go til I reach my goal weight, which I am hoping to lose by the end of Summer :)



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