Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cornwall Trip part 1

So as some of you might know from my Facebook postings, I'm currently in Cornwall with my family. I'm going to post about it in two halves, as I usually take tons of photos and have alot to say! We go to more or less the same part of Cornwall most Summers, which is usually in the Penzance area (10 miles from lands end) and at the moment we're staying in the cute harbour village of Mousehole. Check out the view from our garden! Its lovely :) We get a great view of the bay and the ocean.
Every morning my mum cooks us a lovely breakfast with my favourite brown toast, scrambled egg and cooked tomatos and mushrooms. We're staying in a really modern, well equipped bungalow, with wifi and comfy beds :3 I rather like it here actually. Its so quiet too. Mousehole is very well known for being quite touristy and busy, so some years when we've stayed in the village its been quite noisy. But this year we're staying just outside the centre, and its actually rather nice :)
Everyday or so we go out to a town. We brought the car obviously, but a particular town known as St Ives is extremely busy, so one day we got the train in. It was a rather nice train, but it was surrounded by coastal marshlands (as you can see from the photo) and was rather beautiful to look at.
So as we walked in to St Ives, you got a great view of the beach and the town. Its been really nice weather here, which makes the sea look so blue...
So many people bring their dogs on holiday here too, there was a nice dog playing in the sea with his owner at St Ives...
Being Cornwall of course, there is alot of Pirate themed 'stuff' as to say. In the town of Penzance which is just down the road from where we're staying, there is a Pirate themed pub, and the day we arrived in the town happened to be Penzance Pirate Day. There were people in costumes everywhere.
So back to our bungalow...we have wifi as I mentioned before so heres my brother getting good use out of it...
And an epic tasty steak my mum made us one evening!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already but Mousehole is very much a cats place. The name of the village itself is very obvious, and there is a cat/fisherman legend and a very famous child's book featuring the famous Mousehole Cat behind it too. Just walking around the village you see cats everywhere.... here are some of the cats I've found so far!
This one was stunning - this cat literally sat there staring at us with that grumpy expression.
And this cat was in a courtyard of other cats who hid under a car and refused to let me take their photo. This cat was clearly rather old, and didnt have much fur, but nonetheless was extremely friendly and desperate for some attention....

This ginger fellow was a bit of a lad. He wouldnt let me take a photo of him that day, until a few days later when i found him fast asleep on a very expensive, vintage car....

Ah he was lovely :) He had such biggg paws and his bottom teeth stuck out of his mouth when he cute! Well aside from cats, Mousehole also has some interesting coastal sights to see, such as this little rocky island just 100 metres away from the shore....
It doesnt have much of a beach, but it has some great rockpools and people have a habit of piling rocks up here into interesting features....
One day during the week we went into nearby Newquay for shopping and a trip to the zoo! My favourites happened to be the meerkats whom apparently have a great habit of escaping where they run off to play in the childrens playground nearby.
Penguins :)
A lovely little bird that kept posing for everyones photos :)
And some rather lovely tortoises! We quite like tortoises in my family, my brother got one a few years ago; hes a little grumpy, but nonethless adoreable.
Another day we went to St Michaels Mount. Its a rocky landform thats just off the coast with a famous castle on it. When the tide is low, it has a path that you can walk across to gain access to the island. When the tide is high, its completely covered up by the sea, and the island is cut off from the mainland.
This is a pretty awesome beach, with some of the best rockpools ever. I literally spent my summers here as a child in them.
We went into the castle, and got to see the amazing view from the top.
It was sooo windy, which I hadnt expected or hoped for as I'd done my hair rather nice! Nevermind. Great views though.
And of course as I mentioned, the tide comes in and covers up the path back to the mainland. So we had to get on a boat!
My mum hateeeed it. She gets really badly seasick. It was a little daunting but actually quite alot of fun :)
So before I finish, heres a lovely nighttime shot from our garden at the bungalow in Mousehole....
And a little mirror shot of me in my bedroom :)
holidays are a great excuse to wear dungarees ;)


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