Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cornwall Trip part 2

I said I'd make part two of my holiday trip, so here goes. I'm home now, it took us about 6 hours, and even though I had a good holiday its so good to be home D: Contrary to the picture above, the weather was actually really good and sunny! My family got so burnt/tanned, I had to make a real effort to keep out of the suns rays during the day as I have typical freckly white skin which unfortunately does not take well to hot weather.
Because the weather was good, it was nice just to stay in the village where we were staying some afternoons and to just walk around. Lots of people have little 'for sale' areas on their doorsteps with honesty boxes....this one in particular was being guarded by a big fluffy cat named 'gemma'.
Cornwall is such a cat place...there were literally cats everywhere.
In part one of this holiday post I showed a picture of a ginger cat asleep on a vintage red car...I remember thinking wow he has big paws. Well I walked past him again and took a closer look to find the reason he had big paws was because he had an extra toe on each paw! Freaky kitty D:
We went out for dinner lots, we went to this really expensive hotel restaurant in St Ives with a really amazing view of the sea....
yet another friendly cat :)
One day during the trip we went to the Tin Mine Museum, and had to wear plastic hard hats all around the place (hence my face).
Cornwall is very well known for its history of tin mines, as most of them have shut down, but even today many still stand but are also have to be careful about buying houses in cornwall, as the ground beneath your house could collapse due to tin mining!
It was a little bit spooky in these tin mines...everything was left how the workers had left it. There were showers and locker rooms full of peoples stuff such as clothes and old boots.
You also had an opportunity to go underground and look at the mines from the inside...but you had to wear a miners outfit >< So i waited whilst my family went and did that (it was pretty wet that day and i didnt feel like going down muddy tunnels) and did some mining activities where you got to sift through troughs of sand for precious stones :)
I got to keep what i found :0 hooray.
Another day we went to Lands End. Obviously the place is pretty interesting, although they've tried to make it like a mini theme park...but it doesnt quite live up to the expectations and is a bit cringey...but the views from the cliff there were lovely.
And of course the famous landmark!
Another cat :) this one was spotted on a wall in was a nice hot day..
Back in the village we were staying in, there were these lovely Devon Rex Cats who had a habit of sitting on the doorstep. They're a really special breed of cat as they're able to grow curly fur! They were extremely cute, and everytime I come to Cornwall we seem to see these cats sitting on the doorstep...
Lovely features :) i'd love a cat like this.
So in the last two days, we went on a boat trip off the coast of where we were staying in the hope of seeing marine life...but unfortunately we didnt see much and it was rather cold >< For some reasons boats seem to rock me to sleep, so i spent at least an hour of the boat trip napping.
And last but not least, we spent our last day on the beach. It was so hot! I took alot of photos on my Holga Film camera that day at the beach so i dont have much to show for it...but when i get them developed i'll no doubt put them online.
So anyway I'm home now :)


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