Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Further Weight Loss

So for anyone who reads my blog often, you will know that during the middle of June, I decided to change my eating pattern completely in order to lose weight, and I posted a blog entry about it at the beginning of July to show the effects of it.
I started off weighing 9 stone, which in my opinion was too heavy on my small frame! I decided that by the time I started university at the end of September, I wanted to reach 8 stone. And then by new years eve, I would like to reach 7.7 stone. Anyway, thats a long way off. So back to the present :)
The last time I wrote about my weight loss on here I had managed to lose 5lb in weight and a total of an inch off my entire body in just two weeks. Which obviously at the time I was very proud of! But as you know, time has passed since then and I thought I'd share with you my current weight loss statistics :)

My weight and body measurements Week 1
 Monday 18th June I weighed :
57.6kg /  9.0 stone
Waist Measurements: 67cm / 26.3inch
Belly Measurements: 85cm
Hip Measurements: 90cm
 Thigh Measurements: 59cm
My weight and body measurements Week 8
Tuesday 7th August I weighed :
53kg / 8.5 stone
Waist Measurements: 63cm / 24.6inch
Belly Measurements: 77cm
Hip Measurements: 82cm
Thigh Measurements: 54cm

So since the beginning I have lost 9lb
 2cm off my waist
 8cm off my belly
8cm off my hips
5cm off my thighs

Hooray :) Still I have 5lb to go, but I have plenty of time to do it, as I am approximately losing 1lb a week. If anything I'm more pleased with the body measurements than the weight itself, i can't believe how much parts of me have shrunk!
Its been hard, but I'm still going strong and even though I'm on holiday I've made a real effort to eat a small breakfast (300 calories) and then a healthy dinner (no more than 1000 calories). This is quite a good example of a healthy, low calorie meal I've had whilst on holiday instead of battered cod and chips:
Hake, green beans and new potatos :) it was  yum, and roughly 700 calories. Whereas if I'd had cod and chips it wouldve been 1000+.

I think the best advice i could give anyone is to:
  •  Stick to the plan of what you eat, never deviate from it. Not even for a chocolate bar. 
  • If you feel like snacking, put the kettle on and have a cup of tea with semi skimmed milk. This really helps me when i get cravings. So far on my holiday as a family we've gone through 80 teabags, and i think this is partially down to me >.<
  •  Don't add sauce or anything extra to food. A blob of bbq sauce on your plate only adds 50-100 calories, as does butter and even "healthy" margerine, to toast.
I took this photo just the other day when I was about to go out. I usually look a bit heavy in dungarees, but I think I look like I've slimmed down....
Anyway thats all for now...hopefully next time i write about this i will have reached 8 stone!


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