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My work from 2009-2010 Part One

I've been kinda ill lately...the illness I caught on holiday lasted nearly 2 weeks, however its just about gone. It seems to be doing the rounds, I keep hearing about people I know who have the same flu-like cold. For the first day of my illness I basically couldnt get out of bed without being doped up on paracetemol and lemsip, then after that it was just a matter of sore throat and congestion. Not very nice. My voice kind of broke, I ached all over, I had trouble hearing or tasting properly.... you get the picture. Ahh well at least I got it out the way before university which i start at the end of the next month! Whilst I wasn't feeling too good, I decided to go through all my old work from sixth form, so I scanned in a load of my artwork from 2009-2010. I've put them on my flickr account, burbles website and my facebook art page, but I will also put them on here for anyone who doesn't follow me.
In 2009 I did Art as one of my A levels, and one of my projects was on childhood identity and image. It involved looking at childhood photographs (dejavu) and the exploitation of childhood by adults. One specific element I looked at was beauty pagents and the murder of the child beauty pagent winner Jonbenet Ramsey. Its a very famous topic, I'm sure most of you will have heard about it but in brief - she was a famous child beauty pageant winner who was sexually assaulted and found murdered in her basement. And to this day, no one has ever been convicted of her murder. However it caused a huge uproar about the exploitation and vulnerability of children taking part in such beauty pageants.
I drew lots of child beauty pageant contestants...just type in child beauty pageant on google and you'll find alot of the photographs I used to paint/draw from. Although I must warn you, the photos are a little creepy. Its always a bit weird to see 5 year olds in fake tan :/
I also looked at vintage dolls of children and creepy baby dolls, as I really loved the facial ratio they had. I even made a little 3d piece out of dolls, where I made it into a caterpillar (a really well known artist did this, its known as the bubbapillar) it was extremely creepy and weird and I'm too embarrassed to post it up here >.< But even so, drawing dolls is one of my favourite subjects.
This is one of my favourite paintings from this time period. One of the artists I looked at, Mika Kato, made childlike dolls and I loved them so much I painted one of them. I did so much painting during 2009-2010 that my teachers got kind of annoyed with me! They wanted me to experiment more but I was always really stubborn and said no a bunch of times. So when I went to university to do my diploma at UCA, I did hardly any painting and did lots of experimenting just to see if it would be better. I guess its up to you to decide which looks best, painting or 'experimenting'....I can't quite decide myself.
The above two images were created in a mixture of acrylic paint and the cheap version of copic markers they do (i cant remember the brand name). They were based on the photographs of a famous photographer who specifically took photos of children crying in a really detailed, strange lighting and atmosphere. They're a bit spooky looking, but I kept them anyway.
Another set of doll drawings/paintings, drawn in cheapo copic markers and acrylic...I did alot of work on scraps of paper, which I strung up into a hanging piece, which was meant to look like a babys toy was a bit of a fail but I liked the drawings none the less. These drawings make me miss drawing in those marker pens...I kind of forgot how much I like the effect they produce....might have to get myself some more, they dry out really easily.
Aside from creepy children and dolls heads, I wanted to paint some nice, normal subjects too. I looked at the festival of 3-5-7 in Japan, where the children celebrate turning 3,5 or 7 years old. Its quite a festive, special day for the families, and in some ways is a subtle beauty pageant in itself with the children all dressed to impress in their kimono and fancy clothing. Aside from that, it was a nice excuse to paint! And to paint people which is my favourite topic/subject to draw.
This is just one of several projects I did for A level during 2009-2010, however it took me forever to scan them in. I intend to post the rest of them in another seperate post, so look out for part two! In the time being, if you want to see bigger versions of any of these images go to either my flickr account, burbles website or Facebook Page (links are available to your right!!)


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