Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Work on Facebook

Just a quick post now that I've been home a few days from holiday (I'll post again tomorrow). I've been rather ill for almost a week now, I had a really bad virus which left me feeling rather meh and not really in the mood to write much. However whilst I was ill I made a Facebook page for friends and family and anyone else to follow my illustration work.
Its listed as 'Jasmine du Rocher Illustration' and so far I have 47 likes. I am using it as an additional online portfolio, already having one on Flickr and a professional one on littleburbles.com, but I thought this would be a nice alternative. Facebook is a really great way to get art work out there in the public eye - i have a really nice friend who I went to UCA with called Lu Siobhan Reason, whom made a facebook page for her artwork and managed to get her like count beyond 1000+ which is really impressive! I'd love to get my page to the same sort of level eventually (one day).
I've put more or less all of my work on there divided into series. I will be updating it reguarly, and im sure once i go back to university it will be updated on a weekly basis. Aside from the people I have on facebook, I know there are quite a few people who read this blog that I don't have added on facebook and therefore won't know about my illustration page on there - so consider this blog post for you guys! So if anyone hasnt 'liked' my page already I'd be extremely grateful if you would -->


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