Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Conclusion to a Summer of "Hard Work" :3

I haven't really posted as much as I would've liked to in the last month or so - I've been making the most of my last few weeks off before I go back to uni! I've done alot of shopping, made time to see friends, gone to London and other places, worked on my summer project and got everything ready for university generally....although I won't lie, probably 30% of my time this Summer has been used on fanfiction writing. 
I haven't done any ff writing for YEARS. But I sort of promised myself in the last 12 months I'd at least make some attempt to start writing it again. I'm a huge X Files fan - so much so that I spent a whole afternoon once clearing out a shelf in my bedroom just so I had space to put all 9 X Files dvd box sets and both the X Files movies on a shelf for easy reach and regular watching access.
Oh yes.
So I kind of started a particular story that I do not wish to name :3 although if you're into The X Files and you're a regular up at then I'm guessing you may well have read it. I started writing it in late June and it did pretty well to begin with, and by mid summer, I was getting nearly half a thousand hits a week.
Literally my face when I began to realise the monster I had created. 
So I really got quite serious about it as I created a following of readers from a mixture of Europe, North and South America and I'm still working on my story all the way here in September. And the thing is I'm only half way through the story, I'm tied down to this now fml.. so in conclusion to just three months of writing I've managed to rack up over 8000 hits...
Please don't judge me :O I've had so much fun.

So apart from THAT I managed to achieve my Summer weightloss goal! OH YES. 
So I've lost a total of 1 stone which is roughly 14lb in three months, making me officially 8 stone or 112lb. Also on a sweeter note, my waist has gone from 26.5 inches to 24 inches. Aside from having to sell a few clothes that had become way too big for me, I can now happily call myself a UK size 6-8, when before I was more a UK 8-10. Which is always lovely to hear :3
I'm pretty pleased that my boobs have stayed the same too, although they're now a 32C instead of a 34C, so they're the same size but my torso has got thinner due to weightloss...
Apart from that I don't have any exciting photos to show you or anything particuarly pretty to post on here. So heres a picture of me in a Rilakkuma onesie. Enjoy.


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