Thursday, 18 October 2012

October nails "Halloween Cat Style"

I promised myself I would write a post about nail deco, and I never got round to it, typical that. However I felt like it was time I used my illustration skills to do something more fun than sketchbooks and drawings :D Not that long ago, for freshers week I fiddled around with some nail polishes I found in my room, and one night whilst watching Fresh Prince on tv I painted a cute little halloween style cat on my nail. Within a week I'd done the whole hand with little black cats and yellow stars. I took a photo of it and uploaded it to facebook and lots of people seemed to really like it, so here I am to share it with you :)
 My natural nails! They're quite long at the moment, and I made sure to clean them and get rid of that little bit of skin that grows over the tops of the nail.
 I purchased these nail art pens off Ebay - they were pretty cheap and I think they came all the way from Hong Kong. The quality is alright, considering how cheap they were, but you can get more expensive, better ones here in the UK. Anyway, for the nails I'm doing, you need white, pastel yellow and black.
 Not only do these nail pens have a brush but obviously the thin metal 'pen' part! It takes a little practice to get the hang of using them. I think the only problem I had with these is the nozzles kept getting blocked up, but luckily they came with a thin piece of metal designed to clear the nozzle.
 So to start, you draw an outline of a cat in black nail art pen - remember the ears and use the curve of the nail to shape the face. Once the outline is done, colour in.
 Whilst I am waiting for the face to dry, I begin with the star. Using the pastel yellow nail art pen I draw an outline of a star. Drawing the outline for this is rather tricky so I reccommend drawing a pentagram star first, as this makes the star look better, and then filling it in with colour afterwards.
 Once the face has dried, its time for the eyes. Using the white pen, draw rounded rectangles for the eyes, being super careful not to smear this. Then once this has dried, use the black nail art pen again to create the little pupils for the cat eyes.
 Again, I know there are some super fancy, expensive nail varnishes out there, but mine are all cheap birthday gift ones I received years ago, and they do the job pretty well still. Once the cat face and star have dried its time to use a clear, top coat of varnish.
You have to act fast with this one, or else it smears the design! To make it easier, make sure the clear varnish is added generously in one or two strokes, so you dont have to keep adding more and more layers which only smudges the design. You don't really have to use a top coat of clear varnish, I just think it looks prettier and shinier, and it also makes the design last longer :D
So the final product!
WOOOO. So there you have it. Some nice cat nails for Halloween.
I might make this nail tutorial thing a regular monthly post as I rather enjoyed doing this. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)


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