Sunday, 7 October 2012

The First Week!

It's finally Sunday, and I have completed my first week at Camberwell - I am officially knackered, having been living on about 5-6 hours sleep a night. Aside from lack of sleep, I've walked/jogged over 15 miles over the progression of the week and my weight has dropped to 7.11 stone due to all the exercise and work. I can't complain. I'm happy, but its been a really busy, and slightly full on week.
So I've been getting the train to Peckham Rye Station everyday this week, and walking 0.7 miles through scary Peckham high street to this building. Its a bit of a rectangle. However the building my course takes place in is next door, in this much older, prettier one:
For the first week we had to attend university basically everyday. We even had our first lecture, on postmodernism, just up the road in the other Camberwell building on Wilson Road. It wasnt a bad lecture. It's just on my Foundation Diploma at UCA last year, thats exactly what our lectures were on for an entire year. I'm a little sick of hearing about post modernism :')
So thats my timetable for the week...ticking off the days. We had to be there for 10am most days this week and left in the evening around 5. Although after the first few weeks apparently we only have to be in 3 days a week, so its not too bad.
For our first project we had 2 and a half days to complete what was called "DIY guide to London". We were then put into groups and given an area of London to visit, and we had to create a guide to the area in any format, media, style etc that we desired. I was put in a group with a really nice group of people, Kareem, Kanako, Grace, May and Sophia, which definitely made the project much more fun. And on a plus side, we got to visit Shoreditch for our project!
For anyone who has never been to Shoreditch, then you must go. I had never been there before, so my friend Kareem had to show us all round as he knew the place really well having worked there previously, but the shops were pretty awesome. They even have the worlds first pop up mall, known as BOXPARK, which had really dinky yet really good shops.
Well anyway, in our group we all decided we would draw/illustrate/design images of our favourite places from Shoreditch. One member of our group, Kanako, decided to use photography and photoshop to design her work, whilst the others did drawings in a variety of styles. I decided to illustrate using my sketchbook:
For my illustrations I mostly used fine liners and marker pens in a variety of colours, and I used Letraset to write the titles of each page. Letraset is great by the way :)
My idea was to make it literally like a mini guide to the creative areas of Shoreditch. However as a group, we had to present this project somehow to the entire class, but we had no idea how we were going to do this, and putting it in a book just sucked really. So we thought for a while, and for a day we were convinced we were just going to scan the images we had done into a computer and present them in a slide format. Then the day before the presentation I had an idea to present our work using a website via tumblr.
I came up with a little logo:
And then set up the account on tumblr:
The web guide still exists by the way, so if you want to see the site for yourself you can type in that address and you will arrive at the page.
The next day I came into uni and spoke to the group about my idea and the page I'd made, and out of sheer luck they loved it! So we all got scanning in our work to the web guide and uploaded it all, and in the end it looked like this:
It looked really awesome and we were all really pleased with it. It had titles at the top too so you could select and navigate through the site depending on what area of Shoreditch you were looking up:
Well anyway it came to the day we had to present the work. It went on for nearly 3 hours as the entire class had to present everyones work. There was also a mini competition going on, so whoever the students thought was the best got a prize. The teachers really seemed to like our website idea, especially as it was hosted on tumblr which according to them is a pretty good idea because everyone has a tumblr these days. They also commented that we had done alot of hard work, which we had, so that was really great to hear.
When it came to voting, the students voted a group who had mainly gone for humour as opposed to lots of work, but we still managed to bag the runner up prize! What really mattered to me however, is the fact that all three of the teachers watching the presentations voted for our group, which they hadnt done for any other group, so they must've really liked what we had done :) So we won a prize each...

We each won a design book worth 10 pounds from the company Its Nice That, and so far I've enjoyed reading it..anyway. We start our two week project next week, so I guess I could say that the real hard work starts next week. Hopefully I'll have some time to do a little more than sleep eat work :D


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