Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween Week

Wahhh Halloween is pretty much over....this year it was spread over a week rather than just one day, which was pretty nice. It's kind of an exciting time of year for me, an excuse to have a little bit of fun and a mini holiday period between summer and Christmas. It's also a good opportunity to dress up:
An opportunity to get out the Rilakkuma onesie!  Hooray!! So comfortable and warm :3
In the run up to Halloween I've been majorly busy with my university course, with the slight mishap here and there involving a fire engine and the entire evacuation of the university one lunchtime....oh boy was that a cold, rainy afternoon.
And general courseworking - lots of it.
 I'm enjoying my course alot, even if there is loads of work to do, but it was nice to be able to have a chance to have fun this Halloween. Usually I'm way too busy, as in recent years up until now I was having to attend school/sixth form/UCA at least 4 to 5 days a week. However Camberwell is more like 2-4 days a week, so time for fun is often on the cards.
 To start off, I got making Halloween Cookies with Fraser one evening just for fun. We went to Sainsburys and bought a load of stuff....
A Halloween cookie set, icing, green and black colouring etc.... We made up the dough and baked away. It was surprisingly easy to make, especially seeing as the kit was for kids.
In the oven....and finally baked!
Sort of round..sort of. Believe it or not cookie dough is super sticky >< and I'm no cook thats for sure. We then proceeded to decorate the cookies, and I think this was the most difficult part, as the icing sugar kept smuding and wasnt very precise in detail. Regardless, I think we made some pretty cute cookies.
 Then one afternoon I managed to meet up with Alfie Johnson (from my foundation course at UCA last year) and Kita Whitmore, both my friends who are studying fashion illustration at London College of Fashion, which happens to be in partnership with Camberwell!
Pretty awesome Halloween costumes going on, I was jelly.. But anyway, we all met up in London, and because it was raining we went and ate lunch at China Town.
Tasty Chicken Teriyaki and Rice - one of my favourites. We did a little shop around, and proceeded to take some Purikura photos in the China Town Market.
It's a pretty cool machine, lots of good memories from over the years :D
 We had lots of fun, regardless of the windy weather. On a seperate note, look how long my hair is getting :D
And then after that, my dad phoned up and wanted to see Silent Hill 2 with me at the cinema, which was the perfect Halloween movie to go see! It was pretty good, much like Resident Evil its a film and game franchise I've been interested in for a few years now so I really wanted to go see the film, especially as it was in 3D. So hopefully I will review it in my next post, so check back if you're considering going to see it yourself later this week !


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