Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Knowledge Project Part One

Due to huge amounts of university work and such, it's been a little difficult to scan stuff in and talk about the work I've been doing - so for that I do apologise! Although it's a Tuesday afternoon and I have several hours of free time, so lets get started... I will have to post this topic in 3 seperate blog posts, due to the size and huge quantities of imagery, so check back later on in the week for the rest.
So anyway in October, we got given our second university project called 'The Knowledge', and the idea followed that we were given a route in London to follow and make observations from. The teachers wanted us to fill an entire sketchbook with imagery created from the route. The routes themselves were based on popular London cab-runs, and the particular one I got was 'Fentiman Road to Wandsworth Prison'.
I got put into a group with some really friendly people from my course including Chiao Wei Tseng, Basma Sarraj, Joe Dolan and Erik Tengstrang. We all agreed to meet up early one morning at Vauxhall station which is just off Fentiman Road. It was really cold, and a bit of an effort to stand around but we got on with it nonetheless.
Our course tutors told us to get a sketchbook and begin drawing/painting/studying everything we saw on the streets of our route, and one of the other things we had to do was gather objects/information and make use of photography.
I didn't bother bringing my SLR camera with me on this, due to its weight and the bad weather, so I decided to stick with my phone camera for a change. And in a way I'm kind of glad I made this decision as the photos came out aged looking, less focused and detailed, which related pretty well to the area and the context.
Lots of grey colours and browns...typical Autumn.
I was kind of going for the 'film' look with my pictures, and added plenty of overlays of colour to get the right impression. The one of the park was probably the darkest of them all, but the effect of this made it look super aged.
In contrast, some of my photos are bolder and full of colour, as many of the buildings and social housing was built up of yellows and oranges, especially the Sainsburys building!
 Close up shot of a council flat...I really liked the pattern on the brickwork.
And then a distance shot of the flats...there happened to be alot of yellow flowered bushes in the area, and in this one kind of made it look like it was sitting on a flowers - pretty :'D
Last of all - this shot was taken of some windows above a corner shop. I particularly liked the union jack flags which caught my eye, and I felt that I really ought to photograph them (however I did receive an odd look from a passer-by) and I'm really glad I took this photo in the end.
Anyway this is just 1/3 posts I am going to be making on this Project, as there is alot of work to be scanned in and uploaded and such... Check back later during the week for Part Two :D


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