Friday, 23 November 2012

The Knowledge Project Part Three

This is the final entry for my project on 'The Knowledge'! It feels kind of strange as I finished this project over a month ago, and I'm just a week away from finishing my second project already...ahh how times flies. So for anyone whos been reading up til now about this project, you may be aware we were drawing from a specific route in London which was linked to Cab Run routes. Well...
My front cover says it all. Our final brief was to create 'The Cabbies Guide to London', specific to our route and mine happened to be 'Fentiman Road to Wandsworth Prison'. It didnt have to be a text guide or a map or anything like that - just a visual piece of work to display the area we studied on the 'Cab Route'.
I decided from the beginning (of the final part) to create a series of collage work, using coloured paper to build up my imagery. I started with images in my sketchbook that I had drawn on my route, and began recreating them with coloured paper.
Some of them were severely detailed and took many hours. This one gave me such a headache!
Whereas my teacher like the simplicity of this one, which was actually half finished at the time, but he said I should leave it as it was, as the colours made it work pretty well. I think I kind of agree :)
Spot the little cat in this one?
And this one? :P
Theres an underlying theme of animal gangs throughout the series. The area my route was in has a really strong gang culture with men, but I thought that drawing a bunch of lads fighting didn't really do it for me. So I did it with animals instead, and kept it subtle. Cats in their territory and then gangs of pigeons in their territory...So if yo look closely in most of the pictures you'll see which gang has territory :3
Cats :3
And cats again....this was probably my most popular piece when we had a class discussion about everyones work. I think its also one of my favourites from the series of work.
Cat gang!
And the Pigeon Gang.
The big Sainsbury's in the area.
And a view from the side of a red london bus..
When I had finished creating the work, I had to scan them all in, edit them and such then put them into a grid on word. I had to convert them to PDF and have them printed out on a big sheet of paper like this:
Our work isnt handed in til late January, so I might have this work re-printed a little bigger as its slightly too small right now. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed the work I did for this project :)


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