Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Knowledge Project Part Two

So I finally found a couple of hours to scan in some of my work (precisely half of a sketchbook) and make it into a little post. This is part two of my entries about my recent project at University called 'The Knowledge'.
 We were told on the brief to work in a sketchbook, and to draw from life whilst visiting our routes in London. My route was on Wandsworth Road, and so I chose to begin using a fine liner pen. I started sketching local houses, buildings and pubs.
Aside from drawing, we had to do a little bit of writing, so please ignore the scribbly notes on the side of my drawings :3
Apart from buildings, we also had to look at social life in the area such as parks and playgrounds and the local people. I particularly liked the Larkhall Park in the area, which had a cute little playground and gangs of pigeons...
Just for fun I turned the gangs of pigeons into a literal Pigeon Gang. And added a little bit of speech and character ;D
The area had alot of council houses and flats (as you might have guessed from my photography), so I began drawing from that.
And being a little imaginative from the things I found...such as the manky yellow steps leading up to a block of flats made me think of teeth..
 I really got quite into the whole concept of council houses so I began drawing loads of them in a variety of medias. I started off with fine liners, throwing in a little bit of colour here and there, then smudging the colour with a waterpen...
Then as advised by my teacher, I had a little go with a big fat black felt pen...I quite enjoyed this as I got totally different pen strokes and detail.
Whilst on the road, I also made an attempt to draw the road itself with cars and buses going over it. This image in particular was drawn on a double page....
 And I also looked at the locals and the speech I heard in the street and made it into a little doodle page. This was quite fun as I got to think about the characters in the area as opposed to buildings and such.
 Then back to council houses, I began to experiment in pastels and chalk which in the past I have always avoided, but I'm glad I went ahead and did this..
My teachers seemed to think these were pretty awesome so I was really happy about that! It was also quite cool to work with colour for a change as for most of the sketchbook I'd done alot of black and white.
 I then began working with coloured paper to create the council houses I had seen, as I had enjoyed the use of colour with the pastels but I wanted to still have some detail that they couldnt achieve...
 Towards the end I did a few more landscape shots of the area, where I drew the image center page over two pages, with the crease in the middle. There are alot more examples of this in my sketchbook which later on I will post on my website and flickr.
And last but not least, I began to think about the cats and pigeons I had seen in the area. I thought about how I had created a 'pigeon gang' and considered the idea of animal gangs living in the area, as Wandsworth in particular is well known for its gang culture (amongst people that is).
So thats the end of part two. As you can tell I've been pretty busy D: This is only about 50 percent of my sketchbook, and I will be posting the majority of it on my website and online portfolios in December (which are in need of a major update). I will also be posting the third and final part of this project online in a post in the next week :)


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