Monday, 7 January 2013

New Years and Beyond :)

I go back to university tomorrow...this holiday has gone so quick. I've had one of the best Decembers for years. I managed to finish all my university work long before the end of term so I had an entire 5 weeks to enjoy myself with friends and family.
It was also quite important for me personally as it was my 20th birthday too! My mum made me a banoffee pie birthday cake, as I am not over keen on normal cake :) it tasted delicious.
You may possibly notice Rosie, my cat in the background :) she is typically fascinated by candles.
So during my time off I went to the pub alot....I also got myself to some fancy bar in Tunbridge Wells and drank rather alot of vodka and diet coke...hence the empty stare...
 Really nice bar! Aside from drinking, I did alot of going to restaurants...and I managed to try frozen yoghurt for the first time ever. It was amazing.
And pizza from Pizza favourite place to eat. Low calorie, healthy and proper Italian.
Even though I ate alot over Christmas I still managed to keep the weight off and I actually dropped to 7.3 stone (101lb/45kg) somehow. Possibly from all the walking I managed to do over the holiday period..
I also went to visit my friends Darren and Danielle in their new place in Wrotham too. Again I had a few drinks and for some reason we were pissing about with a fluffy cowboy hat and getting their 9 stone Rotweiler to chase people round the house.
Hence once again the strange face...I do seem to have an 'alcohol face'.
And lastly, I decided to get back into gaming, specifically my favourite series of games 
- Final Fantasy - but more on that later! Its super late and I have to be up for 7am to go to university in the morning ...


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