Friday, 31 May 2013

Well that was the longest Hiatus of all time

And I do have some really good excuses too. Seriously.
So basically I've been really busy - for the last 5 months. And the truth is I wish I was exaggerating. 
To start with I had an immense amount of work to do at university, and in order to achieve the best grades possible, I had to put in 110 percent. This was hard enough.
And then my grandma died.
Which obviously was terrible, completely random and unexpected and if that wasn't bad enough I got a little bit behind in my coursework. Not really behind, but on my schedule this wasn't something I anticipated.
I then managed to fail my driving test a total of 3 TIMES. Which as you can imagine was pretty shitty, as well as having a dead Grandma and a ton of coursework to catch up on.
Well eventually I PASS MY DRIVING TEST. Hooray.

But then my great aunt dies completely and utterly randomly.
And once again the cycle starts and I get kind of stressed and tired from all the work and the busy-ness. On a happier (yet still equally busy) note, I really got into the whole exercise thing and lost more weight...not that this was a problem as its nearly Summer.
With some really long weekends and evenings of studying and working hard, I caught up and pulled everything together. Towards the end of the university year I was doing 7 day weeks just to get everything done and dusted and I was exhausted. So after two deaths, 4 driving exams, 4 art projects, a presentation and an essay later....I'm here!
I have lots of illustration work to talk about (its currently being marked for a final grade at the moment!) and all the rest. I have to go in to university in a weeks time to pick it all up, and following that I get given a grade for the year which I'm really excited about! So anyway - work aside - I now have the Summer free to do as I wish.
And for anyone that remembers my blog from before, its no longer pink like a marshmellow. I hope you like :)


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