Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Final Major Project 2013 Part Two

So part two of my Final Major Project post ! I finally got round to it :) Again I have been a little busy but last week I had to go to my end of year review at university to talk about this project and all the rest...including the end of year grade.....and I got some good news:
-drum roll-
I managed to get an A grade for it which means I got a First for my degree this year! :33
I didn't think I could do it, but I was pleasantly surprised that all my hard work went into achieving something good for a change. Its only year one, and there's still at least two more years to go but its a start. Heres hoping I can do it again next year! So anyway, back to the main subject of this post.
Remember the Owl and the Pussycat characters from my storybook in my last post? Well for this project they came to life in the form of plush toys!
Heres the Owl character....he was a difficult one to design, and there was a bit of trouble with getting his legs to attach. I had to get my mum to help me sew him together with our sewing machine but I think he turned out pretty good in the end...
And my Pussycat character - my favourite out of the two! I had a lot of fun with this one, particularly the paws and whiskers :) Overall the plush toy part of the project was just an extra addition to the book I was designing, kind of like the toys you get with your children's story books in Waterstones. Its definitely an area I am going to work on more in the future.
 Following the toy creation and the two weeks spent designing my storybook, the final product finally arrived from The Netherlands in the form of a hardback, full colour story book!
 Just like a genuine book it had a spine too :) with all the details and such you would expect....
 And a little bit of advertising on the back instead of a blurb :) hello blog...
The cover itself came with a dust jacket, and on the inside I found a nice little space to write about the story and the poet behind The Owl and The Pussycat.
 As well as a little biography about the illustrator - me! Complete with a little collage of myself.
 Ahh me as a collage...interesting. I felt the fringe and the dungarees were absolutely necessary.
Anyway - inside the actual book itself, the pages were in full colour with black and white text telling the story on either side of the page.
 I was really impressed with the company who printed this up (Blurb) and the general quality of the books was very good. It really made my day when it arrived, and to go alongside the physical book itself there is also an internet copy available (to read for free) on the Blurb site:


Or you can simply read it on here :)  Please check it out!


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