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Romeo & Juliet Poster Project November 2012

We're going a little back in time, as I intend to catch up on all the work I've done since I stopped blogging for a six month period. This project was set in November 2012 on my course at university, and was our second project on the first year. The difficult part of this project was the aspect of  turning our work into a product, as up until this point I'd mostly had a fine art background where we did nothing more than paint pretty pictures. However from this project onwards I began to learn more about products in illustration and I started to see my work very differently.
The brief was to develop interesting aspects of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to an audience of our peers. We would then create two adverts (displaying a performance at The Globe in London) that use and expand on ideas we developed. These adverts would then be made up in two different existing formats from the London Underground and represent two different expressions of our idea.
So I began thinking about a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, which centered around the theme of gangs and crime. From this I developed a variety of gang tattoos:

Personally I think tattoos are disgusting, but this part of the project was rather fun :) For the second part of the project, we had to develop another idea and potential area of work. From gang crime and tattoos, I started thinking about graffiti and gun culture, so I bought myself some decent nozzles, made a few stencils and began spraying up these:
Bit of Leonardo Di Caprio appreciation going on...I really liked how my graffiti works turned out, so I decided I would develop them further into posters. I would loved to have used my Leonardo image, but my lecturer didn't like the fact it associated with another interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, and the interpretation had to be my own :/ So anyway. I made a different stencil of a different man in the end!
 As well as the themes I have mentioned, I had also thought about the concept of 'luck', a prevalent theme in the story. I thought about modern displays of luck alot in my development, such as stars and dice, aswell as a Magic 8 ball which I decided to use in my final pieces. So I mixed all these together, and made the following posters:
"Fortunes Fool" is one of my favourite quotes from the story so I managed to incorporate that onto my poster with the classic blue triangle found on a magic 8 ball. Once the posters were designed to a format suitable for the London Underground (which was a slight nightmare), I had them printed up and generally was quite pleased with them. Never used spray paints before, but I guess there's a first time for everything.


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