Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Adventures of Sophie and Gilbert Storybook

Whilst this was not a university project, it definitely was hard work and something I haven't really documented online until now. In fact I don't think I've even shown some of this work to half the people I know including my family due to lack of organisation :'D But anyway.
Early on this year, there was a notice up in the canteen at university from some MA Publishing students at London College of Communication (the Elephant and Castle Campus of UAL), asking for a children's book illustrator. Following this I got into touch with them, met up with them and discussed the brief which was to create a series of images for their end of year project - a children's storybook on the adventures of two characters, Sophie and Gilbert.
The story was rather cute actually! It was about a little girl called Sophie, who finds the ghost, Gilbert living in a trunk in her attic. They become friends, and through the trunk they can travel the world. In the story they get to visit places such as Japan:
and last but not least, Ghana:
Aside from the main page illustrations, I also was asked to make a few page dividers based on objects from each location they visit in the story:
For Ghana, a drum:
For India, I drew the Taj Mahal:
For the attic, I drew the lollypop Sophie holds when meeting Gilbert:
And of course for Japan, a cherry blossom petal:
Once the graphics were made, they were sent over to my classmate Daniel James, a graphic design student, who began working with the students to make the children's book itself. We had a few technical problems, but in the end everything finally got made, and I went to Elephant and Castle to pick up the finished product!
Its always kind of cool to see your work in print...aside from it being a children's story it was also an activity book with pages in between the chapters on activities relating to each story:
The elephant one is my favourite, so cute! :'D
And the final page....I had a lot of fun making this book, and hopefully its not the last one I take part in this year. Definitely something I would do again...


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