Tuesday, 16 July 2013

East London Comics & Art Festival 2013 Part 1

Its nearly a month late - but I wanted to make a post about the weekend I went to the East London Comics and Art Festival! I went with Fraser and we took a lot of pictures, so I've decided I will post this in two separate posts due to size.
"ELCAF" 2013 was the 2nd time the event had gone ahead, and took place in Bethnal Green London, welcoming thousands of people. It was extremely packed inside the building - a very popular day.
The day was full of workshops, talks, screenings and live drawing events held by talented illustrators and designers from across the country and parts of the globe too.
I got myself stamped :3
There were so many people there, some of whom I recognised from university and surprisingly a few illustrators from Tumblr and across the internet too which was quite cool.

Aswell as illustrators there was also a mini temporary tattoo stall - "The Burger Tattoo Parlour" -
"Commissioned by Burgerac, Illustrator Damien Weighill has conjured up a menu of tattoo designs, which for £3 a pop, he will draw upon your person using some skin-friendly, non-permanent inks."
This was kind of awesome :3 I wish I'd brought more cash with me.
There were many different types of illustrators and graphic designers selling all their works too on all their own individual stalls. Again I wish I'd brought more cash with me, there was alot I wanted to buy!
Me and Fraser had a few of the workshops we wanted to attend, but whilst we waited for one to start we turned up half way through "Knock Knock Block Workshop with Lucille Clerc"
This workshop allowed those taking part to create a world of cute little houses they designed and illustrated themselves. The end results were really striking!
Well that's all for now, I will post the rest of the entry later on this week - so stick around for Part 2!


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