Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday Night Late at the Victoria & Albert Museum

By chance some weeks ago I was looking for some arts events to go to in London, and I came across Friday Late at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It just so happened that this particular event was themed as Peckham Takeover, part of a series exploring London's creative communities.
As I am in the middle of writing an industry report for my Summer project at university, I thought it would be really awesome to check up on Peckham's local illustration studio (and Camberwell graduates) Day Job, who were holding a little event of their own at Friday Late.
Their event was called 'Pawnbrokers' - they took over an area of the museum and put on an exhibition inspired by their turf on Rye Lane in Peckham.
Much of the exhibition was based upon the multicultural side of Peckham, and much of the sights of Rye Lane (which is plenty of hair & nail shops and high rise flats!)
This was pretty was a miniature advertisement, that happened to be electronic too and the advertisement kept changing every 20 seconds.

This high rise flat was possibly my favourite sculpture out of the entire series, as I was quite aware of and fond of the illustrator already (and the building itself!).

Love the pattern on this head piece :)

A sculpture piece by Charlotte Mei! One of my favourite ceramic-based illustrators.
This piece is all too familiar if you've ever walked through Rye Lane...chicken and chip shops everywhere...the odd chicken bone and sometimes chicken FOOT lying around on the pavement...

Part of Day Jobs exhibition invited you to draw on a postcard an item which you would consider valuable. Once drawn you would then exchange it at their stall for  limited edition Day Job cash (cute screen printed currency).
So I totally drew Britney Spears' chewing gum...that shit is valuable.
I handed it in to the stall and I don't think the girl found it all that funny actually. The guy she was with however did and happened to agree with me that it was totally valuable ;)
Quite a few other submissions - it was rather popular!
We then moved on to other areas of the V&A, including the 'Peckham Space - Peace Blanket'. It was an interactive peace blanket created by a Camberwell Graduate inviting visitors to stitch a square for peace in Peckham (a response to the London Riots of 2011).
It looked rather impressive as time went on.

Right next door to this Peckham Print Studio had their own set up which had people literally queuing out the door with popularity. People were given the opportunity to pull their own print on the screen print units and got to keep them after.
Lovely bit of screen of the things I can't wait to get back to in the new year at university!

The next workshop we went to was a bit of a surprise - Camberwell were running their own workshop inviting visitors to 'enroll' at the university, learn to illustrate then 'graduate' at the end with your own certificate and a photo of your 'classmates'.

This was actually quite fun, my friend Esi from my class at university was helping to run it so it was nice to see her!

We were given a brief (so like class :D) as well as bunch of art resources including collage and pens, and as a result I made this...miaowww natalie portman!

Seems like quite a few people had a go, there were so many awesome examples hanging up! They were starting to run out of display space...
And mine hanging up!!
Aside from workshops, the museum had a big garden in the center for people to drink and hang out. There was also a lucky dip going on, and another Peckham based drawing activity which got rather a long queue of people behind it.
My god was it crowded.. I swear half of London and its art scene was in this garden all at once.
For an event I had never heard of nor been to, I actually had a pretty good time! Very much considering going to the next Friday Late...we'll see.


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